Top 10 Super Bowl FAILS of All Time Football Players (American)
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Top 10 Super Bowl FAILS of All Time

The playoffs are over now and two teams have the chance to win the ultimate prize: the Super Bowl. Players on both teams have chances gain glory, establish legends and, of course, suffer humiliation. Here's a list of the 10 biggest Super Bowl FAILS of all time and the people behind them.

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    As a kid you have this dream, "eight seconds left in the super bowl and (your team) is down by one point. It all comes down to (you) making a 47 yard field goal. The ball is snapped, the kick is up…and it’s good! (Your Team) wins the game and it’s all because of the heroic efforts of (YOU)!"

    Well, in Super Bowl XXV, Scott Norwood had that exact chance to win the game against the New York Giants. Only it wasn’t good. It was wide right and the Buffalo Bills lost their first of four consecutive Super Bowls. They have actually never won a Super Bowl. For Buffalo Bills fans, the mere mention of Scott Norwood is a sure fire way to get your ass kicked.

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    At the ripe age of 38 Jackie Smith got the opportunity to play in Super Bowl XIII for Dallas, his first and only after having a Hall of Fame career with the Cardinals. Even though he was a back up at the time, I’m sure Jackie was thinking, "if you just gave me the chance...." Well, late in the third quarter, Jackie got his chance for an absolutely wide open touchdown catch.

    Only he dropped it. Dallas was forced to kick a field goal and the ‘Boys lost to Pittsburgh 35-31.

    Only four points. The same four points Dallas would have had if only Jackie had held on.

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    So you remember those Buffalo Bills losing that Super Bowl and three others after that? Well, Super Bowl XXVII was their worst defeat of all. However, the number three blunder of all time does not go to them. It goes to Dallas.

    Late in the game, Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Leon Lett was returning a fumble 64 yards for a sure touchdown (still the longest fumble return in Super Bowl history) when he started to showboat a little... that’s when Don Beebe caught up with him and knocked the damn ball out of his hands giving Buffalo back the ball to finish out their humiliation in style.

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    Eugene Robinson was a starting safety for the Atlanta Falcons’ Super Bowl XXXIII team. The night before the Super Bowl he was awarded the Bart Starr Award for being a player of "high moral character."

    Mr. Robinson made sure he thanked God for guiding him in his life and was so excited about winning the award that he immediately went out to solicit an undercover police officer for oral sex.

    God also guided Robinson during the game as he got burned deep twice, one of which included an 80 yard touchdown against him. The Falcons lost to Denver 34 – 19.

  5. 5

    Janet Jackson

    During halftime of Super Bowl XXXVIII, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake figured they’d class that whole stuffy affair by showing the world Janet’s right boob. They immediately claimed the incident was the result of a wardrobe malfunction but it was later revealed that the whole thing was planned.

    So why is this a FAIL? Because Janet Jackson's boob looked like a re-heated pancake draped over an English muffin. We could've had almost anyone else and this would've been a huge win...

    The Carolina Panthers were so distraught that they went on to lose 32 – 29 to the New England Patriots.

  6. 6

    The 1972 Dolphins are the NFL’s one and only completely perfect team, having won every single game of that season including the Super Bowl (sorry ’07 Patriots). Their Super Bowl win could have also been a perfect stomping of the Washington Redskins but it was not to be.

    With two minutes left in the game, Miami lined up to kick a field goal, botched the attempt and Dolphin kicker Garo Yepremian picked up the ball and attempted a pass. What Garo failed to understand about passing a football, though, is that it’s supposed to go forward, not backward and consequently he made the worst looking pass in the history of the game. It was still completed, but TO THE WRONG TEAM.

    The Redskin’s Mike Bass caught the dead fish and returned it 49 yards for a touchdown.

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