13 Cool Things from Movies That Actually Exist Now

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Ever wish that the coolest gizmos and gadgets you see in movies were real? In some cases, they are. Or, well, people have made them real. This list of movie props in real life includes some awe-inspiring props from some of the biggest, most successful movies in history.

Want a Delorean with a working flux capacitor(replica)? Can do. Ever wish that you could cruise around town in your own Batmobile picking up groceries and dry cleaning? You can. For a price. Need an R2-D2 Star Wars robot to spy on everyone in your house? Yep, you can have one.

These are the coolest, most interesting (and totally desirable) real-life movie props. Hopefully this will inspire those of you inventor-types to get to work on a real version of that robo-teddy bear from AI.

What real life movie props actually exist now? Take a look and you'll see some really cool stuff from the movies, like gadgets, that you can actually get now. Pretty cool huh?
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