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Top 10 to revive your sex drive during menopause

There a innumerable factors involved with drop down in sex drive during perimenopause and menopause. Besides, the female sex drive is multifactorial, the desire to make love is not only influenced by physical issues, but emotional ones as well. Once a woman stops ovulating, she tends to automatically lose the regularly scheduled boost in her sex drive that has been present since puberty (just before ovulation ). Around menopause, there is less estrogen circulating in your body, that can bring a drop in your sex drive. Without it, not only can desire take a dive, vaginal tissue begins to dry and shrink. As a result, intercourse can become uncomfortable, or even painful. Avoiding sex because of pain only leads to more pain. Women tend to be caught in a vicious cycle.

Decreased libido is thought to be due to lowered levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone present in your body during menopause. Each of these hormones has a specific role to play in making you experience sexual desire. Estrogen helps you to feel heightened sensitivity during sexual intercourse. Progesterone keeps your libido up. Testosterone, a male sex hormone, boosts sexual desire and lubricates your vagina. When these hormones drop, so does your overall desire for sexual intercourse. Besides, surfacing symptoms like vaginal dryness, depression, appearance, fatigue all add up to the problem.

Before opting for hormonal therapy or along with therapy, do try these options to revive your sex life during menopause.
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    Talk to your partner

    Tell your partner about your symptoms, how they are affecting the way you experience sex, and ... more
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    Adjust lovemaking activities

    Try warm baths before genital sexual activity, extend foreplay, incorporate massages, change ... more
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    Educate Yourself

    About your anatomy, sexual function, and the normal changes associated with aging, as well as ... more
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    Use lubrication

    Using lubricants during sex can make intercourse less painful and more enjoyable. Though ... more
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    new! Take a diet rich in vitamins and phytoestrogen:

    B-Complex Vitamins – vitamins B-1, B-2 and B-3 are necessary for healthy sex drive. You can ... more
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    Commit to new stress-management practices

    Like acupuncture, biofeedback, or yoga- Research has found that most women who participated in ... more
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    Exercise most days of the week

    Menopausal women experience pain during intercourse because the vaginal tissues become less ... more
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    Review current medications and medical conditions-

    Many prescription medications — including antidepressants, blood pressure medications and ... more
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    Consume alcohol moderately

    Consume alcohol moderately A glass of wine may make you feel amorous, but too much alcohol can ... more
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    Try Supplements

    Unless your menopausal symptoms are severe, you actually do not need HRT. Instead of taking ... more

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