Top 10 TV Shows That Overstayed Their Welcome TV Programs
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Top 10 TV Shows That Overstayed Their Welcome

In honor of the satisfying, yet somehow still underwhelming LOST ending this last weekend, we felt the need to put out a list about some other shows that just kind of flickered out in the end. Some TV shows have secured themselves in the history books by ending their runs on such a horrible note that all the previous hard work was forgotten because of one bad decision, but then there are these shows. The kind that just sit there, rotting, like that last black banana you just can't be bothered to throw out. It's not quite the same as "jumping the shark", because there isn't one glaring event that can be pinpointed to blame for the show turning to crap. It's a much sadder, slower dive into mediocrity that more than deserves its own list (in no particular order).

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    Finally bringing together two camps that the world feared would pair at some point, Smallville finally united comic book fans and teen drama fans through their viewing habits to tell the story of a young Superman and his friends back in 2001.

    Nine years later the show is still going, somehow (shouldn't it just be called Metropolis now?), but most viewers have moved on to greener Kryptonite.

    Why It Worked:
    While initially the show was a fresh enough idea, and we also had some players we love. We had Lex Luthor before he was evil, which actually complemented the comic book character in some ways; we had Clark Kent being himself and dealing with the fact that he's an outsider, something he comes to accept later on; and we had Lana Lang, a love of Superman that everyone wanted to know more about (at first...).

    How It Failed:
    It later became more and more apparent that the show had stopped moving forward, and was now jacking off with its own storylines, which became more ridiculous as the show went on. It seems that after a while they had nothing left other than showy gimmicks, (apparently) pointless melodrama and recycled Superman storylines.

    Let us say that again: recycled SUPERMAN storylines... meaning that this show, in of itself, makes absolutely no sense.

    As in the beginning it tried to at least LOOSELY stay faithful to the source material, but as the show went on they realized that they needed freshness to keep the show alive... the solution? Superman storylines.

    Innocent Child: "But I thought the show as about Clark Kent BEFORE he became Superman"
    The CW: "F**k your dream$, child! We have a $uperman to deliver!"

    It’s been nine years and he still can’t fly, it’s not going to happen. They've been through a Zod storyline, as well as the infamous Doomsday story. Aren't those previously-unheard-of dangers supposed to be two of Superman's greatest/deadliest enemies? If he defeated them as a teenager (who can't even fly yet), he'll have no trouble in the f*ture.

    In the words of the horrible, horrible band who play the pseudo-U2 (cheesiest choice in the history of TV) intro song, the fans let out one huge sentence and the network finally heard:

    Somebody save me.

    (Video of the full song included!)

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