Top 10 Untrue Myths About Animals Anything
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Top 10 Untrue Myths About Animals

We've heard all these things about animals and their behaviors and we've all believed them. In fact, many of these animal myths have been around for so long that people even get angry when you debunk them. However, these things are not facts and they have only anecdotal evidence (as in, you heard a story from a friend, who had a cousin, who knew a guy...) to back them up, not scientific data. These are 10 of the myths about animals that many people still believe, but which science tells us are just not true.

Are these untrue animal myths really true? That's up to you to decide but have fun taking a peek at these untrue myths about animals and their explanations.

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    Wedding Rice Kills Birds

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    Who knows where this one came from. Modern dehydrated rice is different from wild grains, but in order to expand it needs to be submerged in boiling water, not a teeny little bird's stomach. The idea that any bird would be killed by eating any sort of grain is odd, when you think about it. But this myth won't go away. Everyone still thinks that birds will explode when the rice expands. And fine, it seems like a silly tradition anyway, so sure, if people stop throwing rice, it's probably a good thing.

    Plus, lots of hard little bits of uncooked rice + concrete church steps could spell trouble for aging in-laws.

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