Top 10 Upcoming Televisions Series of 2014 Anything
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Top 10 Upcoming Televisions Series of 2014

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List of ten greatest  television show returning in 2014 to entertain us.
We will be seeing a lot of Benedict Cumberbatch in the much anticipated series 'Sherlock', series finale of the famous series 'How I Met Your Mother' and lot more.
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    Sherlock (S03)

    Category: Crime, Drama

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    Downton Abbey (S05)

    It was announced the series will be returning for season 5, set to premiere in 2014.
    Downton Abbey season 4 is premiered in the U.S. on Sunday, January 5 on PBS

    Category: Drama

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    Justified (S05)

    Raylan goes to Florida to deal with the Crowe family. Meanwhile, Boyd goes to Detroit to find a missing shipment of drugs.
    Watch Justified season 5 on January 7, 2014.

    Category: Action , Crime,Drama,Thriller

  4. 4
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    How I Met Your Mother (S09)

    Watch! the final season of CBS How I Met Your Mother in 2014.

    Category: Comdey, Drama, Romance

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    Orange Is the New Black (S02)

    Orange Is the New Black, returning for its season 2.

    Category: Comdey, Crime, Drama

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