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Ever wanted to slap a politician? Get in line - you have to wait for the world's politicians to finish slapping - and frankly beating the living crap out of - each other first.

I present to you the best examples of actual physical assaults between politicians from all around the world. Even a wish from a Miss America contestant wouldn't bring these people together (though a measely $10K from a lobbyist probably would). Enjoy these >crazy fights brought to you by some of the world's scummiest people -- politicians.

The Taiwan Tussle

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Video: YouTube
This politician studied the ancient art of "being prepared" - check the seemingly effortless UFC-level judo toss.

+17 Skill for this pol. No matter what they're arguing about, I know who I'm for.

The Korean Kick Down

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Video: YouTube
A pound for pound champion fight video here - starting about :30 it gets pretty amusing as the rumble begins -

the more savvy pols quickly take off their ties, they've obviously been here before - wait for it . . .

and now we see why - NECKTIE STRANGULATION ACTION . . .

then more Asian-government moshpit + pull and scream fighting + useless bystanders smiling nervously or trying to leave... (the hand drawn cartoon sound bubbles with Korean characters are a nice touch during a *slight* lull)

and now... (2:00 mark)

a hard double ear-punch

another dude LAUNCHES himself off of a podium to get to the people in the higher seats who think they're safe

another who does a stage dive into the violence kicking and swinging pell mell.

a full on STOMPIN'


and finally - TEAR GAS and riot police.

This one has it all. Suits Gone Wild.

The All Out Indian War

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Assemblymen in India get up in arms over a civil rights issue. What results is an all out war on the political floor that actually turned dangerous, drew blood, and sent people to the hospital. When most politicians feel like they really need to fight an issue, they declare that they will "go to war" until the issue is resolved. These politicians in India actually meant it.


The Korean Cat Fight

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Video: YouTube
Another gem from Korea. Members of the South Korean parliament engage in a brutal showdown that includes a cat fight for the ages. This video came close to being the most heated Team Edward vs. Team Jacob fight we have ever seen.

The Bolivian Brawl

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Video: YouTube
Members of the Bolivian government engage in a heated exchange which ends in what is essentially an old school showdown between two of them.

At about 23 seconds into this video, you see probably the most bad ass politician on this list. He brings it like Captain Kirk: all cocky with minimal effort. From the looks of it, he ended up on top, thus violating the red-shirt rule we have all come to know and love.

The Pakinstani 70s-style Karate Chop

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Video: YouTube
These two Pakistani pundits start really swelling up and talking over each other at just about 1:10 and then at about 1:15, the one on the right has had it. Someone makes a high pitched sound and then the one on the right goes bitch-slap SHAFT all over the guy next to him, then exits. Cue the commercials!

The Pakistani Punch

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Video: YouTube
More Pakistani action you ask? Here you go.

The thing that really makes this video great is that, despite the fact that two politicians begin to exchange arguably the most well-delivered blows on this list in the background, the course of the interview is hardly phased. They continue their interview even though EVERY OTHER NEWS OUTLET focuses on where the true story is.

That Camera Man + That Reporter = JOURNALISM FAIL

The Fat Man Chair Throw

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Video: YouTube
One political pundit resorts to name calling when he declares his opponent is fat. The fat man's counter argument was to throw a chair. Who says political debate is dead? Fast forward 45secs in or so to get right to the action.