Top 10 Videos of Politicians Fighting Career Politicians
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Top 10 Videos of Politicians Fighting

Ever wanted to slap a politician? Get in line - you have to wait for the world's politicians to finish slapping - and frankly beating the living crap out of - each other first.

I present to you the best examples of actual physical assaults between politicians from all around the world. Even a wish from a Miss America contestant wouldn't bring these people together (though a measely $10K from a lobbyist probably would). Enjoy these >crazy fights brought to you by some of the world's scummiest people -- politicians.

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    The Taiwan Tussle

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    This politician studied the ancient art of "being prepared" - check the seemingly effortless UFC-level judo toss.

    +17 Skill for this pol. No matter what they're arguing about, I know who I'm for.

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