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Top 10 Welsh Bands

My personal favourite Welsh bands . . many songs you may know but maybe not the bands . 
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    Rock music, Pop rock, Britpop More
    since the disappearence of Richey the music not as black some say not as good but The Holy ... more
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    Post-Britpop, Britpop, Alternative rock More
    Cerys Matthews the lead singer is amazing . .end of 
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    Ragga, Nu metal, Dancehall More
    Absolutely a must to see live . metal punk reggae , hard to put it under one roof . just ... more
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    Experimental rock, Post-Britpop, Neo-psychedelia More
    this song is a piss take but still catchy . always evolving . sing in welsh and english
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    New Wave, Alternative rock More
    Better than U2 and Simple minds just without the breaks , were happy playing smaller venues . more
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    Indie pop, Rock music, Post-Britpop More
    Valley boys . best band live , kelly jones on vocals is always spot on
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    Pop punk, Rock music, New Prog More
    been around a while now . probably bigger in the states
  8. 8
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    People in Planes

    Rock music, Alternative rock, Indie rock More
    song from the Last Man Standing from The Walking Dead is probably their biggest hit . but best ... more
  9. 9
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    Rock music, Emo, Metalcore More
    part of the new breed 
  10. 10
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    Pop punk, Pop music, Rock music More
    Had to put Badfinger in top 10, not only because of their sad story but because of the mega ... more
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