Top 10 Worst (Best!) Rob Liefeld Covers Anything
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Top 10 Worst (Best!) Rob Liefeld Covers

Is this too easy? Probably. I know better people than I have made their own Liefeld Lists of Pouches and Swords (notably: Progressive Boink) but I think I have a few he missed... plus, it's never a bad thing to collect this much awesome into one place. Imagine if Rob had taken a few anatomy classes? Or maybe even a drawing class or two? Where would we be? We wouldn't have the Honorable Mention on this list, that's for sure. And that's not a world I want to live in.

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    Armpit of Despair

    Oh dear. First ... no hands, no feet. Check. Second... what? What am I looking at? I didn't read this series so I don't know ... is that a robot? With one leg? Or maybe... are those metal panties? Why is there a black hole coming out of the red-haired woman's armpit? Oh my god, her legs have been cut off at the knees! No wonder she's so upset.

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    Ha hah haha! You thought this one was going to have pouches! And, hey wait... what ARE those purple things? Are those supposed to be breasts? She looks like she has two massive tumors growing from her chest.

    And the eye-patch woman? Are her boobs coming directly out of her neck?

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    This was a variant cover, so maybe I shouldn't count it... but he drew it with the intent of it being a cover, sooo... fair game. I really am only including it because 1) new way to hide hands and 2) are those codpieces? On women? Or maybe they are built in maxi-pad holders?

    PS. Those boobs are seriously freaking me out.

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    Put it in Perspective

    Ok, wow. So the guy in the front is smaller than the guy in back, see? Because that's how you know that things are farther... no wait. That's how you know when things are in the foregr.... no wait. Ok, maybe the guy in back is just super super huge, right? I mean, I never read this comic, so who knows? He's, like, Sentinel sized, ok? So proportion aside, let's talk about the little hunchy one in front.

    Barring the fact that he looks like he's about to have his diaper changed... his outfit is really pretty amazing. He has what appears to be metal suspenders, which is a nice touch. And some red... let's just guess pouches, around each of his tubular thighs. Hey, headband! Moon boots! Also, the clenched teeth and the imminent aneurism are both present here... but mostly I would like to admire all the extra muscles this dude has in his arms. I don't know if you know this, but more arm muscles -- as in like 12 extra ones that humans don't have, not bigger ones that humans DO have -- means you are extra badass. 

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