Top 10 Worst And Most Off-Putting PSAs For Kids Anything
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Top 10 Worst And Most Off-Putting PSAs For Kids

Most PSAs we saw as children sought to make us anti-social douchebags who are afraid of everything that moves. Here are the 10 worst and most off-putting PSAs targeted at children. GI Joe doesn't count because those actually taught us all what "knowing" is. When you're making a PSA, the items listed here should be a guide of what NOT to do when you're making a Public Service Announcement. 

What are the worst PSA for kids? Well any type of announcement warning about sexually transmitted diseases, and yes, having Pee-Wee Herman talking about crack, aren't exactly good ideas. What kid wants to hear about crack, nevertheless knows what is? Exactly.

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    House Hippo Concerned Childrens Advertisers

    The PSA being a seeming informative piece on Canada's native "House Hippo" honestly had me going for about thirty seconds. I've been meaning to travel to Canada as of late, and I thought I'd get a chance to see the local house hippo infestations.

    Alas, 'tis falsities. A beautiful pull out from a TV set tells us, "That looked really real, but you knew it couldn't be true didn't you?" Warning us not to believe all we hear on Television and ask questions about what we watch. What a way to spread the message, right? Insulting even KIDS' intelligence? Sweet.

  2. 9

    Drugs Which are Good Which are Bad

    When the video is telling us to "drink a glass of water and take the doctor's pill", I wonder whether anyone has taken into consideration the concept of malpractice.

    People jumping up and down, happily singing, "Drugs! Drugs! Drugs! Which are good? Which are bad?" Tells me only one thing, "If you do drugs, you can jump up and down and sing." As a child, my mind would forgo all information involved and jump straight to the facts. The word "Drugs" = Fun.

  3. 8

    Be Your Own Best Friend!

    BYOBF: Be Your Own Best Friend.

    A boy band-esque group of guys wearing baggy clothes who appear to be best friends, hanging out with cute girls, and doing aerial tricks tells a young kid, who really takes his information from visuals, "This is what is fun."

    If it weren't for the song being so darn catchy, it would have just fallen by the wayside. But here it rings true to us, to our childhood, we can BYOBF, because that means having lots of friends and learning to do flips.

  4. 7

    Drug Abuse is the New Slavery

    Arguably the most cringeworthy PSA on this list, this commercial basically says that slavery/racism is over and that now drugs are what people should be worried about.

    "Slavery brought Africans to America in chains, stripped them of their dignity, tore them from their families, but they never surrendered until their were free. Don't let drugs be the new slavery."

    That message seems, in that gist, not too bad. But the visuals are insanely racist. Clearly heroin, cocaine, and crack are drugs only African Americans do, as we see in the images provided featuring two strung out black kids.

    Yay for progress!

  5. 6

    Dontcha Put it in Your Mouth

    The short: Unless a grown up says it's okay, dont'cha put it in your mouth.

    The Long: Giant blue puppets playing instruments cause children more terror than "learning. Especially that blue one with the bow that DOESN'T F**KING BLINK.

    Oh yeah, and the title of the song is funny.

  6. 5

    It Could Be Dead Wrong

    Pee Wee Herman tells us not to do crack cocaine. Every time we use it, we risk dying. It might make you cool if you use it, but it'll kill you.

    The zinger is the pun, "But doing it with crack isn't just could be dead wrong." ZING! For little ones, this is pretty sure fire. A straight shot of one of our television personalities giving us the low down on crack. Awesome.

    Crack = Not just wrong, but DEAD wrong, kids... meaning you will die. Get it? See what Pee Wee did there? Is that securely locked in there? Should we make another death pun? Cause we CAN! No? Good.

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