Top 10 Worst Cartoons Based on Videogames Video Games
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Top 10 Worst Cartoons Based on Videogames

Movie adaptations of videogames have frequently been awful. They exist as a way for a studio to get name recognition for a genre film and allow a fledgling Director to get their first shot at a feature. Most often they alienate the fanbase of the game by omitting the aspects the players loved while making additions and changes that damage the reputation of the franchise. Would children’s cartoons based on games be even worse? Imagine what happens then when you take beloved, classic games and translate them to poor quality animations while compromising the content to appeal to children. Here’s a list of ten such abominations for your consideration.

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    Captain N: The Game Master

    Children€™s cartoons have been glorified advertisements for toy ranges since He-Man came along, but Captain N took this to new levels. I mean really, can they do this? Is this not wrong? I’m not the guy who demands that cartoons be educational. As long as kids learn that dropped anvils will flatten you into a concertina, explosions cover you in black soot and Acme is a poor supplier of goods and services then I’m fine. Surely a half hour program of targeted marketing aimed directly at their receptive little minds will brainwash them though. Won€™t they grow up to buy Nintendo consoles and Mario games regardless of the fact that the company they loved has abandoned the hardcore fans who made them a success to pander to the casual gamers? Oh, wait..

  2. 8

    Double Dragon

    One of the first and most innovative of the side scrolling beat em ups, Double Dragon is a bona fide classic. It contains all the ingredients for a violent adventure story: sibling rivalry, gang warfare and girls being punched in the stomach by punks. How can such a seedy, violent b-movie plotline be applied to a children€™s cartoon? Well, they could ignore the story, give them magic swords and masks and say €œDragon a lot in the theme tune.

  3. 9

    Dungeons and Dragons

    Ok, so this one€™s a cheat because it€™s based on a traditional RPG rather than a videogame. I€™ve included it here because they never finished the series, a series about a bunch of teenagers trapped in a fantasy world that can’t get home. That means theyre still trapped there. Forever.

    They had chances to get home, but they always missed out to save a unicorn. Or help a friend. Or a doorway closed on them at the last minute. At least each time they learned a lesson. Then the show got cancelled. And now they€™re trapped forever. The lesson? F**k helping people, when you get a chance to escape a nightmare world of dragons and mind worms you should curb-stomp any unicorn or cut the balls off any Dungeon Master who gets in your way!

  4. 10

    Kirby: Right Back at Ya!


    I€™ll admit, I€™ve thrown you a curve ball with this one. This cartoon is actually pretty good. Intended for kids but with a few jokes thrown in for adults, the developers of the game had some say in the development of the anime. Didn€™t see that coming did you!

    So that about wraps up this list. I hope you enjoyed it, the last entry shows that good childrens cartoons can be made out of videogames. The question is though, why bother? There are so many great games out there for kids. Take my advice, put on some Katamari Damacy or Mario Galaxy and forget about all this nonsense. Educate your offspring on great games and if you need to show them a cartoon, pick one with an original story and a great theme tune.

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