Top 10 Worst Endings to Fantastic Games Video Games
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Top 10 Worst Endings to Fantastic Games

A whole slew of lists have been made about horrible video game endings, but most of those include games that aren't really worth playing to begin with. These are the worst endings to games that are 100% worth your time... until the end. This proves, once again, that for most games, the developers probably think about the ending LAST.

Not every video game can replicate the hype that's been building all game. That's a bummer considering you've been working hard to accomplish a particular goal and you end up falling flat on your face. So what are the worst video game endings? These are the top 10 worst video game endings. Let's face it: they stink.

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    For many of us, The Legend of Zelda is probably the first game that ever made us feel any kind of a sense of story. There are goblins, dungeons, weapons, fire-breathing monsters, and the theme song. Oh, the theme song. This theme song makes us sad for the prospect of a film adaption of this franchise, because if they don't live up to the greatness of the theme, our dreams are dead. Even just hearing the intro to it, no not the chorus, the intro from the 8-bit opening screens, brings a tear to our eyes... which is why we felt so betrayed at the end of this otherwise classic and timeless accomplishment.

    You see, you go through all these dungeons, all these quests, monsters, weapon upgrades, and arguably the best music in video game history... only to hit a "Thank You" screen.

    There have been many games that end with Thank You screens, but this one is by far the most disappointing. You see, a "Thank You" screen is not appreciated by real gamers. We want to thank YOU, the programmers, for giving us this wonderful game to which we have established an emotional connection. At the end of The Legend of Zelda, they robbed us of our involvement with the character and story by rubbing our faces that to the makers of the game, this was just a lark.

    Battletoads had essentially the same problem, but Battletoads was so hard it was like signing up for a boiling acid bath with a sandpaper sponge, so the "Thank You" was offensive in an entirely different way.

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