Top 10 Worst Irish Football Players Football Teams (Soccer)
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Top 10 Worst Irish Football Players

Ireland has produced some great players over the years such as John Giles, Paul McGrath and Roy Keane. But it has also produced some duff ones too. This list ranks the top ten worst Irish players to wear the green. But what's worse? Most of these footballers are still available for selection.

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    Paul mcshane

    Despite the fact that Thierry Henry cheated Ireland out of the World Cup, McShane was responsible for not clearing the ball. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Since he donned the green shirt in 2006 against the Czech Republic, it has been a horror show. More like a blind jack russell than a footballer, there is always a sense of foreboding when McShame steps onto the field.

  2. 2

    Gary Doherty

    When Naill Quinn retired after Japan/Korea 2002, Ireland needed a replacement head-on-a-stick striker to partner with Keane. Enter centre-back Gary Doherty. He constantly fouls the defender and can't hit the target from short or long range.

  3. 3

    Glenn Whelan

    It's the issue that has dominated Irish football for the last 2 years: how is one of the best creative midfield players, Andy Reid, excommunicated from Trappatoni's squad while a dud like Whelan gets to start. Whelan can only pass sideways and backwards, and is responsible for turning giving the ball away into an art form.

  4. 4

    Packie Bonner

    Yes, thats right, the legendary Donegal keeper is on the list. Why? It's simple. When the back pass rule changed after Italia 90 (largely because of Ireland;s hit and hope policy), Bonner was exposed as he struggled to clear the ball and teams target him because of that. Also put Ireland out of both Italia 90 and USA 94 due to two shocking howlers that are frequently seen on "football funniest moments" style shows. Thank god for Shay Given.

  5. 5

    David Connelly

    When he burst onto the scene in the mid to late 90's, Connelly seemed so exiting compared to the awkward Naill Quinn and Tony Cascarino. But we quickly realised that his lack of skill, pace, finishing ability and physical presence made the other two geriatrics look like Pele.

  6. 6

    Tony Cascarino

    Technically, Cascarinio shouldn't be on the list, based on the fact that he has no Irish blood in him whatsoever. A defender's nightmare, Casarino's lack of talent didn't seem to bother Jack Charlton and Mick McCarthy and was revered in France. Poker seems more up his street.

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