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Total Nerd The Top 10 Worst Team Fortress 2 Weapons  

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List Rules Any weapons that are annoying to play with, annoying to play against, or just flat-out are bad weapons are welcome on this list.

Team Fortress 2 is famous for its wide variety of weapons, and extensive customization.

But, for every good weapon in the game, there is a crappy one. And not just weak or useless, some weapons in this game are ANNOYING. 

If youre a new player, or looking to start playing TF2, I'd recommend steering clear from any of the weapons on this list. 
The Sun On a Stick is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Top 10 Worst Team Fortress 2 Weapons
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The Sun On a Stick

This is a pretty lame bat. 

It deals 25% less damage than stock bat, but deals crits to burning enemies.

The only chance this weapon has at being useful is if you have a pyro on your team... Even then, this doesn't do that much damage (25ish on a nonburning enemy, around 70  on a burning one).

Even if you come across a burning enemy, chances are they are close enough to death that they can be finished by a scattergun shot, or they are about to die from the burning itself.

This weapon is nothing more than an advertisement for Rift, and is just a cheap gimmick. It is functionally useless.
Sharpened Volcano Fragment is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Top 10 Worst Team Fortress 2 Weapons
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Sharpened Volcano Fragment

For what its worth, this awesome looking thing might be the most bad-ass looking weapon in the game. Too bad that its entirely useless outside of medieval mode. (And even then there are better options).

This weapon lights people on fire on any hits (At the penalty of 1/2 damage).  For the pyro, this is entirely useless. The pyro is ALWAYS going to have a flamethrower on hand, which will probably dish out more damage than the fragment, and without getting within melee range.

In Medieval mode, the axe is at least partially more useful, seeing as the only other way to ignite foes is with flaming huntsman arrows. The issue is, anytime someone dies in medieval mode, health kits drop, extinguishing the flame. Pretty much any other pyro axe (with the exception of the axtinguisher) will do more damage in Medieval mode.

If this weapon was for another class, I could see it being interesting to use. But for the pyro, its redundant, and is almost useless. At least it looks amazing. 
The Righteous Bison is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Top 10 Worst Team Fortress 2 Weapons
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The Righteous Bison

What immediately strikes me as odd about this weapon is how it seems to immediately grab the attention of new players. Pretty much every soldier I've seen that is new to the game uses this gun. And other than the novelty of a laser pistol, I just don't get why.

First and foremost, the Bison's shots are laughable. They are incredibly slow and incredibly easy to dodge. Even with its penetration and immunity to airblasts, pretty much any player who sees this coming can dodge it.
And even if you DO manage to land a hit, it does around a measly 30 damage with each hit! Even at maximum range, with maximum damage dropoff, the rocket launcher outclasses it with around 50 damage per shot (With faster projectile speed and a splash radius too, I might add). 

Easily dodgeable, and peashooter damage... the only reason to pull out the bison is for the novelty of a laser pistol. 
Dalokohs Bar is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Top 10 Worst Team Fortress 2 Weapons
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Dalokohs Bar

Who doesn't love chocolate? Any heavy worth anything, thats who.

This little chocolate bar, when eaten, adds 50 max health to the heavy for 30 seconds, also healing for a mere 50 damage.

This weapon could be interesting if it didnt take as much time to eat as the sandvich, or if it added more health or a buff of some sort (Damage resistance and +100 health maybe), or if the +50 health took more time to go away, but as is, it really doesn't do enough to merit getting rid of the standard Sandvich for it.