Top 10 Worst TV Network Decisions TV Programs
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Top 10 Worst TV Network Decisions

Conan O'Brien's Tonight Show is one of the funniest, most original shows on TV today and now it looks like NBC might be giving him the boot. Taking away the Tonight Show from Conan O'Brien, and therefore the world, would be one of NBC's biggest mistakes ever...but as we all know, TV is FULL of dumbass moves. Sometimes newtork execs think they know it all, but as these decisions prove, that may not be the case. In the some of these cases, the network looked really bad after making one of these moves.

So what are the worst network TV decisions? Here's a list of the biggest, at least those to date.

Note: items 5-7 have one thing in common.

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    Heil Honey I'm Home!

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    A Hitler Sitcom

    Yes, you read that right, there was a Hitler sitcom produced on British television back in 1990 called "Heil Honey, I'm Home." The plot? The regular household lives of a fictionalized Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun living next door to a Jewish couple, Arny and Rosa Goldenstein.

    Comedy gold right? Apparently the time was just not right to watch Hitler engage in comic hijinks just yet because the show was canceled after airing just one episode.

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