Top 10 Yummiest Boy Band Members Bands/Musicians
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Top 10 Yummiest Boy Band Members

The dreamy boy band members listed below have made girls cry, pass out, lose their voices and spend hundreds of dollars on concert tickets. These singers have not only gifted us with their amazing looks and talents but they have also defined our generations.
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  1. 1
    Up 23
    Down 8
    N Sync
  2. 2
    Up 24
    Down 14
    One Direction
  3. 3
    Up 17
    Down 9

    Zayn Malik

    One Direction
  4. 4
    Up 17
    Down 10
    Backstreet Boys
  5. 5
    Up 12
    Down 7
    New Kids on the Block
  6. 6
    Up 13
    Down 10
    The Jonas Brothers

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