Top 10 Zelda Dungeons Video Games
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Top 10 Zelda Dungeons

Zelda is a series of puzzling games with monsters and cool items but the Zelda series would never had made it if there were no dungeons.
The dungeons are what keeps people coming for more and here in my opinion are the best Zelda dungeons.
Enjoy! plz comment.

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  1. 10

    Arbiters Grounds (TP)


    This is a very amusing dungeon since you have to hunt poes,go through quicksand and ride around on one of the best Zelda items ever.......The SPINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sure some parts are bland and some or not.
    The detail and music in this dungeon takes the cake and only because some of it is boring this dungeon only takes number 5.

  2. 9

    Level 9 (LOZ)


    The first ever final dungeon was a memorable moment with its hard enemies that really get you into it to finding an old man randomly living in a monster infested dungeon with a giant pig monster.
    Challenged to the extreme but finally killing Ganon is worth the torture of the countless deaths you will have here.
    Plus you get Zelda. ;)

    but some rooms are boring and the music is not very good for my liking and Ganon is too easy so only number 8 on this list.

  3. 8

    Great Palace (AOL)


    The Great Palace is probably a side scrolling hell hole. You get killed by just about any little thing in this dungeon unless you know what your doing. If not then prepare for cursing and possible destruction of the console your using. The boss Thunderbird is one hated thing since if you do not have 50% magic or higher your screwed.The biggest Zelda Dungeons are always the worst. PLUS YOU BATTLE YOUR BLOOMING SHADOW!!!!!!

    Thats why its number 8 on this list.
    It would be higher but its difficulty puts it down a bit.

  4. 7

    Goron Temple (PH)


    The Goron Temple is a very puzzling one for beginner players with you controlling two characters and all that.
    Sure the enemies are easy and the boss key can be found soon but its a fun temple where you really use the bombchu bomb wisely.
    Especially making the boss swallow one in his stomach. Must have heartburn after that.
    Through all that you are rewarded with a fun lively temple to play and complete.

    This is why its number 9.

  5. 6

    Tower Of Spirits (ST)


    The Tower Of Spirits is the way better version of the Temple Of The Ocean King.
    The major differences were:
    More puzzles and floors.
    You can kill and even control phantoms from the beginning.
    Lots of other enemies too.
    And no time limit which everybody either found it good or bad since some of you love time attacks and stuff like that.
    Its just a great version and heads up. Hit Phantom Zelda with the boomerang lots of times and she goes on a hilarious rampage but at you.
    Thats why its number 7 on this list

  6. 5

    Forest Temple (OOT)


    Number 1 is the forest temple from Ocarina of Time and seriously who didn't expect this.
    The forest temple has great layouts,soothing music,something for everyone like poe hunting,block pushing.killing monsters,twisting corridors and shooting works of art to draw out poes and kill a psychotic phantom Ganon in a mental tennis match.
    Nothing bad about this temple and this will be a challenge no matter how many times you play through it.

    That is why its number one on my list.

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