science The Top 100 Weirdest Creatures On Earth  

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The most awesome, dangerous, and weirdest animals ever.

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Anglerfishes are fish that are members of the teleost order Lophiiformes. They are bony fish named for their characteristic mode of predation, in which a fleshy growth from the fish's head acts as a lure. Anglerfish are also notable for extreme sexual dimorphism seen in the suborder Ceratioidei, and ...more

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Vampire Squid

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The vampire squid is a small, deep-sea cephalopod found throughout the temperate and tropical oceans of the world. Unique retractile sensory filaments justify the vampire squid's placement in its own order: Vampyromorphida, which shares similarities with both squid and octopuses. As a phylogenetic ...more

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The Leafy Sea Dragon

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