Most Ridiculous Bollywood Action Movie Scenes Films
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Most Ridiculous Bollywood Action Movie Scenes

List of Bollywood action movie scenes, ranked best to worst based on how ridiculous the action in the movie is. These amazing action sequences all take place in Bollywood films and will leave the audience wondering how they did it. What are the best action sequences in Bollywood movies? You'll find many of them on this action movies from Bollywood list.

In case you haven't seen any of these unbelievable clips, India produces the kind of over-the-top action movies that the U.S. can only dream of nowadays. Their throwback Super Action genre shadows most mainstream properties the U.S. is producing, and these videos are the reason why. Get ready to have your face blown to pieces with the 11 most ridiculous Bollywood action movie clips of all time... for now.

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    Horse Drifting, Tractor Awesomeness.

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    This glorious, action-packed scene features a man on a horse running faster than the speed of light and a semi-truck, who crosses their path too suddenly for the horse to stop, so the man pulls his horse to the ground, and both he and the horse slide under the semi, get back up, and keep trotting along their path to save the day. Meanwhile, a random, vintage jeep also decides it has to move past the semi, so it leaps over it and just narrowly escapes wipeout. 

    Need to get around a semi? Use a horse.

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