Top 13 Hottest Famous Girls Caught Shoplifting People
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Top 13 Hottest Famous Girls Caught Shoplifting

Here are the thirteen hottest celebrities that we all wish we could give the five-finger discount to. From Megan Fox, to Farrah Fawcett, to Winona Ryder, here are the 13 sexiest famous women who were caught shoplifting, along the stories of their criminal behavior. These actresses caught stealing are still hotties, but they apparently thought they were above the law.

It's always surprising to learn about celebrities who steal. They have all that money, why would these people need to shoplift? From jewelry to seemingly anything else, these famous actresses seem to have a bit of a kleptomaniac side. Some have even been arrested for shoplifting! Does that make them less hot in your eyes?

Do their stealing ways mean they are some of the worst celebrities of all time? Or do you still love these hot ladies, despite their petty theft habits? Decide by voting for the hottest girls who can do no wrong in your eyes.


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    Megan Fox. Of course she's #1, and of course she has kind of a troubled past. Most places would be honored to have her walk in to their place of employment and would most likely wait on her hand-over-foot.

    There's one place, though, that won't have any of this Fox action: Wal-Mart. That's right, Megan Fox is banned from all Wal-Marts forever, just like your older brother.

    After stealing a $7 tube of lip gloss from a Florida branch in her rebellious teenage years (oh, how I wish I was around for that mistake-making period), Fox was banned from ever stepping foot into their stores again.

    And it's too bad for Wal-Mart - word is that they're not invited to set up shop on Megan Fox Island.

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    Britney Spears has so much money that she sometimes forgets it's there to pay for stuff. She's already "forgotten" a couple of times.

    She's been rushed out of a store without paying for a $200 top (she was conveniently wearing it), swiped a disposable lighter from a gas station on her way out and took off with a wig from a sex shop once. So yes, Britney's a huge fan of the five finger discount (which really, sounds so unbelievably hot.)

    Hey, you can't really blame her for the last one. It was chilly out at the time and she didn't have any hair.

    I'm always on the lookout for another Brit-Brit meltdown. What can I say? I dig crazy chicks.

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    Oh, Lilo. It's almost like she doesn't know who she is when she's not under arrest / in a courtroom / on probation.

    In February 2011, she was charged and convicted of grand theft for shoplifting a $2,000 necklace from a jewelry store in Venice. She was sentenced to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service - which seems harsh, except that she was already on probation for a former DUI (and breaking that probation).

    In related accusations, Lohan was accused of stealing a $11,000 mink coat in 2008, a $35,000 Rolex in 2010, and $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses in August 2012.

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    Kristin Cavallari wasn't cast as the bad girl on the MTV reality show "The Hills" for no reason. She's a hot little piece of bad news all her own. Drug addictions and criminal behavior are her M.O., and she totally gets around with complete and utter douchebags ("so you're saying there's a chance...")

    Also, I say just let her steal I mean, c'mon, the poor girl can't even afford clothes, look at her.

    During her "Laguna Beach" days, Cavallari was caught stealing merchandise with three other girls from Tawny K., a store owned by Tawny Kitaen of VH1’s Surreal Life and Whitesnake video fame (the last three words of this sentence were an oxymoron just 5 years ago, where has the world gone).

    Kitaen did not press charges, so this bad girl is definitely still untamed... And I kinda hope she doesn't tone it down just because she's a new mom.

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    Honorable mention to this deceased Charlie's Angel who was no angel to boutique stores, especially if they tried to rip her off.

    Fawcett was arrested twice for shoplifting clothes, but both times she defended herself, saying that the stores wouldn't let her exchange defective merchandise. So, she did it herself. Against the store owners. Against the law. Against everyone. But overall, freaking awesome.

    What a woman.

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    This doe-eyed, soft-lipped actress/kleptomaniac has just the right amount of edge, from being Lydia Deetz, to the hot girl in Mr. Deeds, she has the best kind of "edge." The kind with handcuffs.

    Winona Ryder is a bona fide criminal after being arrested in 2001 for shoplifting more than $5,000 of merchandise from Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. She doesn't f**k around.

    This is like Grand Theft Auto, but with Marc Jacobs purses and Gucci dresses.

    Winona was sentenced to three years probation and 480 hours of community service.

    People even started a campaign while she was in jail called "Save Winona". Of course, who wouldn't.

    And now, some clothes-free pictures of the great miss Ryder, because making a "ride her" joke just seems too crass.

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    Tila Tequila doesn't make sense to me. She's got "Tequila" in her name, but then she's allergic to it. She's blonde but her eyebrows are dark. Annnd, she steals from CVS when she's got a hefty sum of boob implants. This chick is complex.

    I'm intrigued, scared, and a little turned on (because why the hell not?).

    The "A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila" reality show star went on her blog to say that she was so hungry she decided to "just steal some bubble gum and chips and not get caught." This worked out for her perfectly, except for the "not get caught" part.

    Swiping snacks is not the only very bad thing Lady Tequila's been caught doing - she's also been captured doing a webcam striptease.

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    Jennifer Capriati is a former World No. 1 professional tennis player, but not much of a shoplifter (and admittedly, not THAT much of a looker, but I'd personally give anything to be with a pro athlete because they could knock you against a wall and not think twice).

    In 1993, she was caught shoplifting jewelry at a suburban Tampa, Florida shopping mall. After trying on several inexpensive rings at a kiosk, Capriati left without taking off at least one of them. The ring was worth $15 (worth it!!!)

    Look at the balls she's missed!

    Toned and on the beach

    Just imagine some super hot, strong chick, throwing you against a wall like you're a main character in a TV show where a monster is attacking everyone, yet, for some reason, just throws you against a wall (looks like you go lucky there.)

    Either way, Jennifer Capirati got caught stealing and is 100% bang-worthy.

    Enjoy your Black Friday and have a great holiday season!

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    Peaches Geldof, a British model and socialite, is on some sort of stealing streak. She used to date Eli Roth (the douchey guy in charge of the Hostel movies.)

    She's been accused of attempting to steal clothes from three stores in two years, which means either she really tries to steal that much or she just tries it every now and then and fails miserably each time.

    The most recent incident was in 2008 when she left London boutique Luna + Curious with a garment in hand. Other stores Geldof has been caught red-handed are Urban Outfitters and Carnaby Street.

    I don't know too much about fashion, but whatever Peaches is doing--it's working.

    Just where I would've put them.

    All of her hidden tattoos.

    What interesting socks you have there

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    Caroline Guiliani

    Caroline Guiliani, the sexy (totally legal/college-aged) daughter of former mayor and presidential candidate Rudy Guiliani who was caught on Aug 4, 2010 by security cameras pocketing more than $100 worth of makeup from a Sephora store in Manhattan. Her case was later dismissed with a day of community service after prosecutors offered to resolve the case.

    Getting real rowdy.

    One long, slow, sexy sip of beer.

    All grown up and going to court.

    And THAT'S how you violate a politician's privacy.

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    Bai Ling has always been a real eccentric hottie -- like, the kind that means that she most likely, if she was in love with you, would make lampshades out of your skin.

    She also gets kind of confused easily.

    Bai Ling walked off with some magazines and batteries from a store at the Los Angeles International Airport in 2008, but explained that she was really waiting at the side of the store for clerks who could help her find the right sized battery for a toy she purchased. F**kin' toys. How do they work?!

    Here she is lookin' damned fine, even though she pulls kind of a trashy move in stealing freakin' batteries:

    It's gonna be one, bumpy ride.

    The outfit is obscene. I'm not complaining.

    Anyone got a scissor on them? 

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