The Top 13 Craziest Midterm Election 2010 Moments Anything

The Top 13 Craziest Midterm Election 2010 Moments

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The 2010 Midterm elections have harbored an insane amount of racism, controversy, witchcraft and, more importantly, entertaining moments we can all laugh/cry at before we go to the polls this coming Tuesday. So in honor of the home stretch of election season, here are the funniest, weirdest and craziest moments from the entire race (unless Christine O'Donnell actually wins, then that will rise to the top.)

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    The Rent Is Too Damn High Party's Jimmy McMillan

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    You've heard of him and of COURSE he's #1. What was supposed to be a lively debate about New York gubernatorial politics instead became a slam poetry contest called "The Rent Is Too Damn High". Jimmy McMillan of "The Rent Is Too Damn High" party performed speech about the plight of people working "8 hours a day, 40 hours a week" and mothers who can't feed their children "breakfastlunchanddinner." and also stopped to ask if the audience could hear that... what was "that?" it was the sound of a child's stomach growling. You didn't hear it? That's cause you gotta "listen like me."

    It has blown the minds of people ever since, including candidate Andrew Cuomo who immediately agreed with Jimmy McMillian of "The Rent Is Too Damn High" Party.

    Two years ago, the most well-known campaign slogan was all about change. Well, its time for a change now. Because the rent is too damn high.

    After the debate, it's reported that McMillan was immediately nominated and immediately elected. Why? You guessed it. Because the rent is too damn high. And because of his beard. And the fact that he's a karate expert.

    If you have been alive these past few weeks, chances are someone you knew has answered a question with an answer that is none other than, you guessed it, "the rent is too damn high."

    The interesting part of this is that it was hilarious, yet he was serious. So much so that is almost became an internet meme... aaaaalllmost:

    1) Here is the link to the Rent is Too Damn High Party website:
    2) Here is the remix of his speech: Song A Day's The Rent is Too Damn High Song .
    3) And here are some funny The Rent is Too Damn High Party fliers: LINK .
    4) It also inspired an SNL sketch and a few other parodies that weren't all that funny.

    It didn't go Antoine Dodson big, but it did go big, and was by far (sadly) one of the most memorable moments of this mid-term election.
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    The Racist Ads - Dan Fanelli Comes In First

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    At first sight, this political ad starts off looking like a really bad episode of 24..

    And then out of nowhere, our Republican Congressional candidate for Florida Dan Fanelli steps into frame and breaks the fourth wall of his own commercial, taking charge of the situation while "terrorists" do business behind him.

    BUT the most ridiculous part comes in at 0:32 when we are told exactly what a terrorist looks like and what a terrorists doesn't look like. To see what a terrorists looks like, please take a gander at the Middle Eastern, brown-skinned man. To see what a terrorist doesn't look like, please take a gander at the white-skinned, white-haired caucasian man. These are the only types of people we should let on planes.

    Please watch the entire video, it is hilarious in that it is horrifyingly racist.

    You don't know whether to laugh or be horrified when he points out later, "This is a plane..." and then after a beat he brings up the brown-skinned man, now with a turban on (using an actual white hotel towel) and says "... and THIS is a terrorist" to the sound of funky 70's exploitation music.

    Last but not least, cue the chorus of Middle Eastern sounding music when Dan Fanelli approves this message. Hopefully, America won't approve.

    The saddest part is that this is the most racist ad of the year... which is actually saying a lot given the competition:

    1. Alabama's Tim James speaks of only giving state exams in English.
    2. John McCain calling people across the border nothing but murderers, robbers and home invasion nuts while a border patrol agent tells him "Senator... you're one of us."
    3. Here's Sharron Angle's ad that was outed as racist when she describes illegal immigrants causing, and this is a real quote, "families to live in fear." Sharron Angle's immigrants are evil and are coming in like liquid ad.
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    "I'm not a witch, I'm you" is Actually More Terrifying Than Her Witchdom

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    "I'm not a witch," says Christine O'Donnell. And just like that, the complete ridiculousness, as well as the soiled reputation, of this political ad was sealed forever. Intended to dispel recently released rumors that O'Donnell had dabbled in witchcraft during her earlier years, this ad does the exact opposite of that and brings it to the fore-front.

    A closer look shows that it doesn't help that she is wearing black and that a weird blue smoky thing hovers in the background. The piano music seems like it's intending to put us all to sleep in order for her to put a spell on us.

    But in a way, audiences should thank O'Donnell and her political campaign team because without them, we never would have been entertained and moved by this or this SNL parody and Bill Maher never would have put up this clip where she both says she dabbled in witchcraft, as well as the moments on his show where she said that even if Anne Frank were in an attic and the n***s asked her if there were Jews in the house, she would say no.

    Also, she happened to tell a pretty funny story about having a "date" on a Satanic altar at some point.

    As if Satanic weren't good enough, there was also that Tea Party supporter GOP House candidate who likes to dress up like a nazi in his spare time: full story here .
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    "You're Either a Creationist or a Liberal" Campaign Ad

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    This is an ad that is supposed to completely BURN Bradley... welll... Byrne.

    Scroll to 00:05 where a bewildered cowboy/southern-accented man says, bewildered, "On the school board Byrne supported teaching evolution... evolution best explains the origin of life?! Even recently, he said the Bible is only PARTIALLY true?..."

    Showing once and for all that we really do have very different parts of the country at play here. Almost nothing spells it out better than this ad. For scientists and intellectuals, this ad is absolutely hilarious/mind-boggling. To a lot of people in America, this will work and Bradley Byrne will most likely not be elected.

    For a funnier spin, check out a skit that Bill Maher made, as well as a few comments, regarding this absolutely ridiculous campaign ad: Bill Maher Spoof of Bradley Byrne Attack Ad .
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    "My name is Phil Davidson..."

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    This video makes Howard Dean's "Heeeyaaah!" seem like a quite mumble and makes you want to vote for this guy (not for any public office, but for World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion.)

    Phil Davidson makes his speech to be nominated as the Republican candidate for Stark County Treasurer. Stark County in Ohio. Sounds humble, classy, and opportunistic right?

    Well, sure. It goes "My name is Phil Davidson and I'M SEEKING OUR PARTY'S NOMINATION FOR THE POSITION OF STARK COUNTY TREASURER." Along with those capital letters, imagine this candidate shifting and moving across the stage back and forth constantly. This is the definition of in your face.

    In between awkward pauses where he seems to recollect his thoughts before spewing them out, Davidson delivers such gems as "I HAVE BEEN A REPUBLICAN IN TIMES GOOD AND I HAVE BEEN A REPUBLICAN IN TIMES BAD!" "DRASTIC TIMES REQUIRES DRASTIC MEASURES!" and "INFESTATION!".

    The entire speech leaves this guy's vocal chords completely shot mid-way so that you can tell when he's really, really worked up because his voice squeaks.

    Just so you don't forget, if Phil Davidson is nominated tonight, he WINS. TELL YOUR FRIENDS. TELL YOUR NEIGHBORS. And that is why, friends, I feel compelled to tell you now. Because if I don't, I'm scared of what he'll do to me and my family.
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    Demon Sheep Featured in a Campaign Ad (2010)

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    At first glance, the only ridiculous thing about this Carly Fiorina ad is the fact that it is three minutes whole long. Who has that kind of time (other than me, of course.)

    Then, in comes the dramatic trailer music, complete with the standard chorus and rousing orchestra to the tune of another O Fortuna ripoff.

    And then in comes the voiceover of a man listing all the things wrong with Tom Campbell, Fiorina's opponent for the CA Senatorial Republican Primary. Just go to 2:16 for an example of creepy political commentary.

    But all that is nothing when we see the ad's true intentions: the climatic attack of the demon sheep on a nearby flock, which is awesome because that movie Black Sheep (about evil, demon/zombie sheep) wasn't even this hilarious.

    It's really only an actor posing in a sheep costume that incidentally has Terminator eyes, but if you add that to the voice over and the music, you get a trifecta of complete WTF awesomeness.

    Just see 2:41. You'll never think of the term "fiscal conservative" the same again, because you will imagine this evil, horribly-costumed sheep running around when you do.

    It's so disappointing that Carly Fiorina doesn't kill the demon sheep at the end, then shave it (have you ever seen it, it looks sad), then sell it for parts like old cars.

    The editing of this ad certainly leads one to expect a show-down of some kind, and as a short film (because the ad is this effing long) it falls flat.

    If you don't want to sit through the ridiculous propaganda, click here to see the demon sheep in action.

    Check out another out of her preposterous ads , featuring Barbara Boxer as a BLIMP.
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    (R) Sharron Angle to Hispanic kids: "You Look Like Asians."

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    In response to this aired ad that portrayed Hispanics as menacing and hinted they were a potential threat to society, Republican nominee Sharron Angle (lemons into lemonade) said that it was possible the men in the ad weren't even Hispanics at all. n The real shocker is where she said this: in front of a high school Hispanic Student Union.

    She goes on to tell the kids she's addressing,"I don't know that all of you are Latino. Some of you look a little more Asian to me."

    Point of phrase: Angle just called Hispanic kids Asians, to their faces. Now, not to say that this is exactly "offensive", but it is definitely not something you say on the campaign trail.

    Angle someone how shows astonishing ignorance by not even being able to discern between races.... not only that, but she digs herself into an even deeper hole by bringing the Asian community in there.

    Just don't ask Joy Behar (who walked off on Bill O'Reily during his appearance on The View), what she thinks of Sharron Angle because (in one of the most angry moments on the view) she spells it out pretty clearly in this video (click here).
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    Meg Whitman is PWNed by Jerry Brown. Hard.

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    This dead giveaway is just ridiculous.

    Meg Whitman most likely completely offs herself in the election when she says "Thirty years ago, anything was possible in this state."

    Did it slip through her mind that Jerry Brown, her opponent, was the governor then? Was it just bad, uninformed writing?

    The ad states that "Thirty years ago, California was working." And that's why Meg Whitman came to California. A ridiculous comment leads to a brilliant ad.

    Also, Meg Whitman kind of PWNs herself by building her campaign around carbon copies of Arnold Schwarzenegger's speeches during HIS winning Gubernatorial campaign: Meg Whitman = The Governator .
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    The Gun-Toting Ads

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    To start off, this ad ends with "Don't you wish you had Dale Peterson watch your back?" And to be honest, yes, yes, I would.

    Why? Well, in endorsing John McMillan for Alabama Agricultural Commissioner, Peterson makes a passionate speech commending John for doing something about saving Alabama families from losing three farms a day. The continuous cuts and close-ups of Peterson, his gun slung over his back, and the music all make this one of the great examples of why you should be proud to be an American.

    You might ask why the John McMillan endorsement sign is awkwardly placed in the background for most of the video. Obviously, because Peterson is watching over it. After the speech, someone walks up and tries to steal the sign. Not so. Peterson fires his gun in the air and shouts "get away from that", cowboy style.

    Chuck Norris and George W. Bush would be proud of this WAY over-the-top cowboy politics ad starring a guy with the same last name as the leader of the Rent is Too Damn High Party.

    Speaking of Chuck Norris, here's this year's NRA ad which tells everyone exactly what they should do with their "oppressive" government, featuring an old lady being badass: NRA = Chuck Norris: The Ad

    Also, Congressional candidate Pamela Gorman shoots a Tommy Gun in her ad running for a seat in Arizona in a way that almost looks like one of those old sexploitation 70s movies, only without the "sex" part.

    Pamela Gorman Shoots Guns, So You Should Vote for Her!: The Ad
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    Arlen Specter Flip Flops and Loses BOTH Sides

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    Arlen Specter was a US Senator for Pennsylvania and a Republican for many years before switching to being a Democrat in 2009. Why? The obvious answer is that he doesn't believe in the Republican party's agenda.

    The ad to your left takes advantage of his real reason and exploits it to the fullest. "My change in party will re-enable me to get re-elected." Out of all things ridiculous and sad, a politician completely killing his campaign with a selfish, self-serving line like that comes very close to being the worst, as not only does he lose friends in his former side, but tells the place where he's going "I don't REALLY want to be here."

    Needless to say, Specter was defeated in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary by the same guy who called it on him. Oops.
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    The Musical Political Ads

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    THIS Autotuned campaign ad for Congressional candidate Rudy Moise really takes the cake for one of the greatest, most low-fi and hilarious moments in this election. In this 3AM music video of a political ad (which probably has the lowest budget of any political ad ever made), Rudy Moise's family and friends come out to support him. And the repeated sound bites of the older woman, as well as the extremely 80s looking woman who sounds like she's asking him why the hell he's taping her in the first place, really make this video worth watching.

    That's right, folks, this is what it takes to run for office nowadays.

    Runner up for best musical ad goes to Mike Weinstein who brings a little bit more of an 90s power pop flavor to the mix.

    Click here to check out Mike Weinstein's ad that is actually, sadly, kind of catchy.
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    Chuck Grassley Has A Twitter!!!

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    In case you haven't heard, ancient political candidate Chuck Grassley (running for Senate), has a Twitter.

    This is what the ad is about. The fact that he signed into a website, followed a verification email and is now telling his followers about sports scores and telling us really important political points like:

    - I'm sitting with Angie kelly at my wife Birthday Party"

    - Seriously, a LOT of sports scores

    - and reminding us that he Twitters (via his Twitter.)

    This is very endearing in a "aw, my grandma's using email" type of way, but definitely kind of frightening how out of touch the political leaders of this country are with the latest technology that has actually helped entire political movements make their points internationally.

    He's @ChuckGrassley, by the way.
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    The Forefathers Come Back to Life Against Taxes

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    "Gather... Your... Armies"

    Rick Barber brings a whole new meaning to crazy when he basically makes the point (with George Washington, Samuel Adams and Benjamin Franklin at his table) that he's being forced to pay taxes on alcohol and may eventually be forced to even buy health insurance! God forbid he not pay $10,000 for one night in a hospital, right?

    Right! So, since this (and this is a real quote) "tyrannical" government is forcing all of this down his throat, he's calling upon the forefathers to fix this. Their response?

    "Gather... Your... Armies"
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