Top Crimes Committed By Guys in Santa Suits Anything
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Top Crimes Committed By Guys in Santa Suits

'Tis the season to be jolly, greedy, lecherous and absolutely, undeniably unfit to set foot in public. So, in honor of the holiday season, here are thirteen crimes committed by guys in Santa suits; from bank robberies to mall flashers to child molesters. Merry Christmas.

What are the top crimes committed by guys in Santa suits? It seems like some of these dudes didn't learn any lessons from the epic Christmas movie Bad Santa because some of these crimes didn't fall in the category of slickness. Some of these Santas are badass, and others, well, they're just run-of-the-mill crooks. But take a look and enjoy some of the best crimes (by best we mean heinous) committed by these bad Santas.

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    Santa with Sunglasses Successfully Robs a Bank

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    Watch the full news report for the awesome, awesome story.

    A man in a Santa suit robbed a bank successfully. He was wearing the beard, hat and suit, even the boots, according to witnesses.

    Witnesses say the entire time, he seemed clumsy and jovial. The best part? This guy stayed in character the whole time. He told everybody he was doing this because he needed to pay off the elves. How fun.

    The only serious thing about this was the part when he said if there were dye bombs in the money, he would come back and kill everyone.

    Load the YouTube video for the full story, or read it below.

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