Top 13 Most Outrageous Celebrity Stalkers People

Top 13 Most Outrageous Celebrity Stalkers

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Being a celebrity comes with it€™s obvious perks of receiving the unconditional attention and love from eager fans who have fallen in love with their public image, but in an age where public media has blown the celebrity market to incredible heights, crazed, obsessed, and not so shockingly, mentally unstable people have taken their pursuit and affection for their favorite stars and starlets to threatening boundaries, or more appropriately, have erased these boundaries. Psycho knows no boundaries, and it's chilling to see to what extent of stalking these maniacs have gone to prove their devotion.
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    Edward Jones, Queen Victoria's Panty Sniffer

    When a stalker is willing to get down and dirty with their interest’s underthings, that’s when you know they mean serious business, but it seems as if Edward Jones was merely an overly sex-driven and deprived teenager searching for the most prized panties of his nation. If you’re going to stalk, go for the gold, right? Staking his claim as the original celebrity stalker, and perhaps the most unabashedly vile, Jones gained headlines in the 19th century as the Buckingham Palace intruder, which wasn’t too difficult of a task at the time since security was loosely organized and guards themselves would be busy occupied socializing with prostitutes and getting drunk. 

    Typical to a large majority of stalking cases, Jones sought out a figure out of his reach, socially and economically. Raised in extreme poverty among five or six siblings by his alcoholic father, it is purported that his infatuation may have begun at the sight of an illustration of Queen Victoria from a newspaper clipping, in which portraits of royalty would often be exaggerated in beauty and image, the Photoshop of the 19th century. 

    (Who wouldn't want to play "find the knickers" with her??)

    The most infamous of all his break-ins occurred in 1838 when he was caught red-handed in Queen Victoria’s dressing room with several pairs of the Queen’s underthings stuffed inside his trousers along with an opened letter to the Queen and an entire portrait of his beloved. At the point of his interrogation, Jones claimed to be doing some hands-on research for his book on the palace he was working on, but to the disregard of palace officials, he was put on trial, but found not guilty by judges.
    After a few more busts within the palace, Jones’s shenanigans began to exhaust the royal family, and they resorted to an illegal means of disengaging him with his precious Queen by kidnapping him and forcing him into working the rigorous profession of a seaman within the Royal Navy Vessel. An outstanding ploy and solution, Jones kept this occupation for six years before being allowed to settle in Perth, Australia, where he resorted to alcohol as a means to suppress his calamities and eventually contributed to his death in 1893. 

    Proving his enormous loyalty to the queen, he failed to show any interest towards other women and died without any children, which is probably a good thing for all of humanity.

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