Top 13 Stories of Kids Traumatized by Santa People
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Top 13 Stories of Kids Traumatized by Santa

Happy Holidays! Now prepare to be emotionally damaged by the jolly ol' elf himself, Santa Claus! We have collected 13 of the most traumatizing stories about Santa and little kids over the years. From tears to murder, we've got it all here.

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    Santa Slays 8 and Sets House Aflame

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    Laid off and recently divorced, Bruce Jeffrey Pardo dressed up as Santa Claus and drove out to his former parents-in-law's home in Covina, Ca, where a holiday party was in effect. When a 8-year old girl opened the door, Pardo began to fire at will, shooting several party attendees--including the 8 year old, though she survived--before setting the house on fire using a spraying device, disguised as a present, to disperse flammable fuel within the home, before a candle or the pilot light ignited it and set the house on fire.

    Based on the evidence ($17,000 in cash and a ticket to Canada), it appeared as though he had planned to flee the country after the incident. However, once the fire started, his arm was severely burned and the costume melted to his body. He then fled the scene to his brother's home, where he shot himself in the head. His brother found the body the next day.

    It may have taken 80 firefighters to control the flames, but it will take many doctors and years of therapy to undo the emotional scarring of one douche in a Santa suit.

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