14 Celebrities Caught Getting High on Camera People

14 Celebrities Caught Getting High on Camera

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The greatest endorsement for drugs is how often celebrities - the people who pretty much have it all - do them. So here's a great collection of all the greatest times a celebrity has been caught high on camera: from cocaine to "salvia," from Lohan to Moss, to yes, even Miley. In regards to the stoner celebrities, I guess it can't really be considered that bad if they say they're using weed for its medical benefits, right? Or they could just recite one of Seth Rogen's weed quotes to the media and just not care what the public thinks. Regardless of how they respond to the media, I guarantee these celebrities are smoking some of the best weed strains out there.

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    Miley Cyrus Caught Smoking "Salvia"

    To go with her newfound adult trainwreck (instead of teenage almost-trainwreck) image, the pop star was caught smoking salvia, a legal herb in California with psychedelic properties, from a bong just five days after her super s**tty 18th birthday party.

    Click here for a good dose of Miley's sexy sassiness this year.

    The video was shot in her home in Los Angeles where she and her friends were hanging out, because, really, if you were as rich as her you'd have all your teenage parties at your own house too.

    After confessing that she's "having a little bit of a bad trip," Miley then freaks out after thinking she sees someone who looks like her ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. After realizing he's not Liam at all, nor does he look like him, Miley lets out a laugh that Billy Ray Cyrus said "made [him] sad". You can see it at 1:14.

    Later, Miley starts rapping Nicki Minaj's lines in Trey Songz's "Bottoms Up" and absolutely slaughters them. If you've never heard this song (aka if you have taste), here's the song for reference: the song.

    The video ends with Miley saying, "I want more of that sh*t, I swear."

    Pure goodness, from beginning to end.

    When Billy Ray Cyrus heard about the news and was saddened by it, this cartoon came to mind:

  2. 2

    Paris Hilton Tells Larry King She Doesn't Do Drugs, Then Gets Caught Smoking Weed

    First of all, Paris rolls deep. I don't care what you think about her. You know how hardcore she is? According to this story, she found some cocaine in her purse that she thought was gum. Not only does price not matter to her, but she probably keeps little bags of coke in her foyer right next to where she keeps the gum, just so she can grab one of either on the way out the door every day.

    That is awesome.

    Anyway, to explain this picture: just one day after Paris Hilton's post-jail interview with Larry King where she confessed she's never done drugs, a video surfaced online which clearly shows the blonde heiress puffing away on a pipe.

    The video, which you can watch HERE shows her expertly packing her bowl while her friend documents the occasion. They're in some sort of cafe with hip hop music playing in the background (and a really patient stalker that you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for in the background).

    Once again: this video surfaced the day after she got out of jail for possession. Also, her friends always sound like douchebags in every single one of her online videos. Yes, all of them.
  3. 3

    Harry Potter Gets Stoned, Tabloids Go Pun-Crazy

    The Daily Mirror, an extremely reputable source of journalism in the UK that everyone loves and respects almost as much as we do Star magazine here in the U.S., published this picture of Daniell Radcliffe, otherwise known as the lead actor in all the Harry Potter films, allegedly smoking pot.

    Apparently what happened is that he was smoking a joint, or a "spliff" as the Brits would call it, let a girl draw all over his face (because c'mon, if they're hot enough, we've all let that happen), which then drew attention from all the partygoers.

    As they started snapping camera phone pics of the international superstar taking hits off his spliff, which he vehemently denies was a spliff, he left. His rep says that Radcliffe often enjoys roll-up cigarettes, but never smokes marijuana.

    ... not according to British tabloids and, well, more importantly (read: importantly), picture evidence.
  4. 4

    Lindsay Lohan Being Lindsay Lohan, Now with Cocaine!

    If Lindsay Lohan isn't in a bathroom stall somewhere snorting coke, then there's probably an earthquake coming up. Either that or a comet. It's like when animals won't eat or act depressed before a natural disaster... they just "know."

    In 2007, footage was released showing Lohan in a "compromising position" sniffing cocaine in a New York public bathroom stall, 80s stock broker style.

    Click here for the stills from the video (which is nowhere to be found on the Internets, but we do have the pictures in the link.)
  5. 5

    Kirsten Stewart Doesn't Care What You Think

    Deciding that she needed to appeal to a male audience who wasn't just reading the Twilight books to relate to girls that will never date them, Kristen Stewart decided to make the first of her many public appearances while smoking pot.

    She's kind of awkward and seems like someone's just pissed on her face every time she steps out on the red carpet. Not to mention the fact that she likes to stay home all the time (which means that she is slowly becoming my dream girl.)

    Well, now we know why: so she can wake up early to smoke and think about all the nothingness in her life except for, oh, making that boring-movie-that-she-doesn't-want-to-get-any-attention-about-because-it's-not-that-important-but-it-really-is-the-movie-of-the-decade-at-least-financially-and-for-cat-ladies movie.

    Stewart is very open about her love for weed and her distaste for the promotional aspects of movie making.

    Here are some more examples of her love for weed:

    Smoking weed on the steps, the gallery.

    Marijuana leaf bikini.

    Rolling a joint while out with Robert Pattinson, cause hey, you would need to get high for that too.
  6. 6

    Charlize Theron Makes An Awesome Apple Pipe

    Charlize Theron looks absolutely ecstatic while puffing away at her apple pipe in 2002.

    This shows that if you're a super hot, talented and insanely rich celebrity, you most likely have the time to not only smoke weed recreationally, but you also have enough time to make your very own apple pipe.

    What is an apple pipe? Well, it's when you're able to make an apple into a pipe. For a great instructional video on how to make your very own apple pipe, please check out this series:

    The National Enquirer showed the Oscar-winning actress enjoying the company of her new pipe while wearing a bikini in her LA home and laughing hysterically. Good times.

  7. 7

    Amy Winehouse Being Amy Winehouse, Now with Music!

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    Of course Amy Winehouse is on this list.

    All you need to do to get a video of her while high is to record her waking up.

    During this 2009 performance, she stumbled over her words and croaked her way through the concert. Business as usual.

    Midway through the video, though, the crowd starts booing -- which Winehouse seems oblivious to.

    I always imagine that if you were an Amy Winehouse handler, you'd often speak the same sentences you would if you worked at a nursing home "Oh, she doesn't know where she is, don't mind her, please excuse the urine."

    She proceeds to introduce the band when no one is paying attention and rocks her little body (physically, she's rocking back and forth) to the finish line. This is Amy Winehouse high, which really, is just like saying this is Amy Winehouse live.

    BONUS: At least in the video she's not actually getting high onstage, which she did at another concert which was recorded by fans here. It's always really cool to see your favorite musicians perform what they're best known for. What an experience.
  8. 8

    Mischa Barton Smokes Weed In A Bikini

    Mischa Barton is a very talented... uh...

    So Mischa Barton was caught smoking weed in a bikini.

    But Mischa deserves some recognition. She managed to get her thighs back in shape (remember these?) and she's actually looking pretty hot again.

    Anyway, here are some pictures of Mischa Barton smoking weed:

    <="" a="">Mischa Barton smoking weed, lookin all cute with her fine self.

    Aaand here she is smoking weed while driving, which I personally do not condone, but makes me want to hang out with her right. Effing. Now.
  9. 9

    Michael Phelps is a Role Model, Pothead, Athlete

    Soon after Phelps became an international champion for winning eight gold medals at the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, he decided to celebrate being one of the greatest people in sports by slowing down his metabolism a little.

    Here's phelps taking a bong hit, Miley-style in November of 2008 during the down season.

    He's since released a statement apologizing for the picture saying, "I engaged in behavior which was regrettable and demonstrated bad judgment. I'm 23 years old and despite the successes I've had in the pool, I acted in a youthful and inappropriate way, not in a manner people have come to expect from me. For this, I am sorry. I promise my fans and the public it will not happen again."

    So basically he said "I'm a kid, but I'm sorry for doing this publicly since kids look up to me. Seriously, though, I'm 23 so whatever, but still, sorry I guess."

  10. 10

    Kate Moss Breathes (Snorts?) New Life Into her Cocaine Rumors

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    It was never a secret that Kate Moss was a constant snorter of cocaine because, c'mon, look at her. But it wasn't until this video leaked on the Internet which showed her doing the deed that got the entire fashion world scurrying to defend their brand image and find replacement models for their campaigns. Kate Moss IS the most famous model in high-fashion to date (if not just because of all the cocaine rumors/late-night jokes alone).

    The video shows the model sitting in her signature thigh-high boots and all-black ensemble arranging a line of coke perfectly.

    Her junkie boyfriend Pete Doherty (really, just a male version of Amy Winehouse) is not far away in this video, and was probably waiting for his share of the coke (great, now I'm thirsty).

    Kate, obviously, is in good spirits and laughing with people around her. The actual snorting begins at 1:53. Now if only the girl who brought "heroin chic" into fashion could be video taped doing that deed... but life isn't that fair (yet!)
  11. 11

    Zach Braff Ignores Supermodels, Loves Weed

    Zach Braff, the voice of every dog on every commercial ever, as well as the guy from Scrubs (and the guy who always happens to land the insanely hot chicks -- Mandy Moore and Shiri Appleby, more), is pictured sitting next to Israeli model Esti Ginzburg who's in the 2009 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

    She even has her hand on his leg--but no, Braff is much more into his joint than the fact that an SI swimsuit model has her hand on his leg.

    Just a testament to the MJ he's probably smoking. If he can afford tailored jeans, he can afford the best weed ever.
  12. 12

    Drew Barrymore & Cameron Diaz Sitting in the Sand

    Drew Barrymore & Cameron Diaz sitting in the sand, smoking grass, in their bikinis, in Hawaii, in 2007.

    If I stumbled upon this sight I would treat it like I just found a freaking unicorn. That's all I have to say about this.
  13. 13

    Jon Gosselin Acts Even More Douchey While High

    Jon Gosselin, the douchebag from Jon and Kate Plus 8, really has a way with his image.

    Only a man who hangs out with the right people, like head douche designer Christian Audigier of Ed Hardy fame, thinks it's a good idea to make a video of himself crossfaded (drunk and high) and then to post it somewhere so that the internet can, obviously, get a hold of it.

    And a minute into the video, we too, wish we were drunk, as a country.

    While Jon and Hailey (his equally douchey girlfriend) slur insults at the French and their flat-chested women, Jon manually zooms in to Hailey's breasts.

    They also complain about how the French don't speak English (how rude, right? English isn't even that hard). The most disgusting part comes when Hailey takes the camera and films Jon rubbing--no, massaging--his belly at 2:25. *Collective shiver*

    The rest of their stoned video is just as pathetic/amusing-for-one-minute. You can watch it all here, but for the rundown, Jon sticks a cigarette in his nostril and talks about farting.

    Terrifying fact: this man has 8 children.
  14. 14

    James Franco Gives One Stellar Interview

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    James Franco is the kind of guy who looks like he came probably out of his mother's womb high.

    He has a grin on his face 24/7 and eyes that some may say "twinkle", and others might say are kinda bloodshot and always half-closed, as proven by this video of him getting interviewed by MTV.

    He kind of whines/moans/mumbles to himself and blinks really slowly throughout the video, which we all know means that he is most likely 100% okay to drive.

    It also seems he thinks everything the reporter says is somehow funny (it's not), which means that he definitely didn't stop at a few hits.

    The interview reaches a pivotal moment as Franco has to pause and think really hard when asked a very complex question at 1:39. The question was whether he thought director Justin Lin ("Finishing the Game") had the chops for comedy.

    After scratching his forehead long and hard, Franco finally gives his best response in the entire video: "Yeah, he's funny."

    Brilliant, just brilliant.
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