Top 14 Drunk People Interrupting the News Anything

Top 14 Drunk People Interrupting the News

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In honor of St. Patrick's Day week, this is a list of the greatest drunks to ever interrupt a news cast. From men trying to stuff a dollar down a reporter's shirt to women passing by hitting them with their purses, these are the craziest, funniest and most insane drunk people ever to be part of the news.
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    If You Can't Beat 'Em, Just Let Them Do the News

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    This is awesome, and one of the many reasons Fox News isn't exactly news as much as it is just "entertainment."

    After what is probably thousands of interruptions by drunk people at St. Patty's Day parades, this local news station just gave up and let the drunkest, most coherent guy they could possibly find do the news.

    He may not be professional, but his random yelling and observations make a more amusing report than any actual reporter ever has. Also, it's a more authentic experience of St. Patty's Day that way, which really makes this news report a "win".

    This is it. This is what they need to do at these things from now on.

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