Top 14 Drunk People Interrupting the News Anything
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Top 14 Drunk People Interrupting the News

Drunk people are usually not at all camera shy and the 14 crazy drunk people on this list prove it. These drunk people interrupting the news have very important (they think) things to say. From men trying to stuff a dollar down a reporter's shirt to women passing by hitting them with their purses, these are the craziest, funniest, and most insane drunk people ever to be part of the news.

Some news reporters handle these drunks better than others. One news crew on this list brings it upon themselves, when the only interview subject they can find is a very drunk dude. And sometimes, it's the reporters themselves who are the drunks, interrupting their own newscast.

What are the craziest cases of drunk people interrupting the news? This list has videos and news clips from the most unfortunate, but always hilarious, instances of drunks interrupting a news broadcast.

Vote up the funniest drunk people interrupting the news below and enjoy watching these news professionals try to deal with all these drunks.

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    Guy Tries to Stuff Dollar Down Reporter's Shirt

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    In what is probably one of the greatest moments in drunken news report history, "Lisa" is either recognized from her pre-reporting job or is simply being thanked by one of the locals for her hard work as a news correspondent... with some cold hard cash.

    This video is short and sweet, but the part that really makes you admire this news reporter, is that she actually THANKS the guy for the money before she gives it back without skipping a beat of her report.

    Now THAT'S professionalism.

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