drinks The Top 15 Drunk People Interrupting the News

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Drunk people are usually not at all camera shy and the 14 crazy drunk people on this list prove it. These drunk people interrupting the news have very important (they think) things to say. From men trying to stuff a dollar down a reporter's shirt to women passing by hitting them with their purses, these are the craziest, funniest, and most insane drunk people ever to be part of the news.

Some news reporters handle these drunks better than others. One news crew on this list brings it upon themselves, when the only interview subject they can find is a very drunk dude. And sometimes, it's the reporters themselves who are the drunks, interrupting their own newscast.

What are the craziest cases of drunk people interrupting the news? This list has videos and news clips from the most unfortunate, but always hilarious, instances of drunks interrupting a news broadcast.

Vote up the funniest drunk people interrupting the news below and enjoy watching these news professionals try to deal with all these drunks.
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Guy Tries to Stuff Dollar Down Reporter's Shirt

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In what is probably one of the greatest moments in drunken news report history, "Lisa" is either recognized from her pre-reporting job or is simply being thanked by one of the locals for her hard work as a news correspondent... with some cold hard cash.

This video is short and sweet, but the part that really makes you admire this news reporter, is that she actually THANKS the guy for the money before she gives it back without skipping a beat of her report.

Now THAT'S professionalism.
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News Reporter Slaps a Drunk Guy

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Everyone remembers where they were when they found out Michael Jackson died. So in a news report about Michael Jackson's death, an overzealous (and overdrinking) fan decides to weigh in on the tragedy by slurring the words "Michael Jackson" while playing ring-around-the-camera-man with the news reporter.

Watch the news reporter at 00:26, though, for his hand hitting the drunk guy's face right before they cut back to the news desk.
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If You Can't Beat 'Em, Just Let Them Do the News

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This is awesome, and one of the many reasons Fox News isn't exactly news as much as it is just "entertainment."

After what is probably thousands of interruptions by drunk people at St. Patty's Day parades, this local news station just gave up and let the drunkest, but most coherent guy they could possibly find do the news.

He may not be professional, but his random yelling and observations make a more amusing report than any actual reporter has ever turned in. It's also a more authentic St. Patrick's Day experience this way, which really makes this news report a "win."
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Drunk Guy Makes Faces, Uses Family Guy Rule of Repetition = Funny

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If there's anything "Family Guy" has taught us, it's that if you repeat something enough times, even if it sucks, it's eventually becomes at least kind of funny.

In this video, this guy milks that concept dry.

Doing what any of us would do behind a news reporter who we think can't see us, the guy made the same stupid face about seven times behind the reporter. Ostensibly his friends were watching the newscast somewhere on one of the TVs in the bar and kept telling him it was funny.

The great part is that after about four times, this drunk guy's friend actually tries to help him save a little face by pulling him out, but not wanting to humiliate him gets to that point we all get to eventually when it comes to drunk friends of ours being jackasses: "Eeeh, I tried. Let him make an ass of himself, he won't remember it anyway."

(Un)Fortunately for this guy, he will live in internet infamy forever.
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Reporter Gets Interrupted by Every Kind of Drunk

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The number one holiday for finding the most drunk people wandering the streets is probably St. Patrick's day, but still in the top 5 is New Year's Eve - and that's where this clip comes from.

In a little over a minute, not only does this female reporter gets interrupted in pretty much every way possible, but we are able to see three completely different kinds of drunks.

First up, we have the loving drunk, the one who's just ready to makeout and will do so (even unprovoked) to the misfortune of the nearest at least quasi-attractive female.

Next up, the drunkest young girl at the party, who for some reason thinks everyone is more drunk than she is. "I just wanna see what people will say" she'll explain the next morning, but we all know how sloppy she gets.

And finally, the "I didn't do enough bad stuff when I was little" drunk. A dancing plethora of different breeds and species of drunks shows up in this video... which one are you?
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Holy Sh*t, a Zombie! No, Really. A Zombie.

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This drunk guy is so messed up (or homeless) that he's got what looks like either blood or an insane amount of dirt (but probably both) on his face as he staggers slowly in an extremely Romero-zombie-like way toward the reporter.

Seriously, watch this. You'll expect a chunk to be missing out of the reporter's neck by the end, but miraculously, the zombie just keeps looking at the light and falling.

It's glorious. Reporters really do need to carry around better security, though - like chainsaws.
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Here is a clip that comes from Eastern Europe a drunken haggard-looking gentleman with (hopefully) mud all over his face (either that or he's literally sh*tfaced drunk).

Wait for it... wait for it... yes, there he is. He's basically ready to pass out, but is absolutely insistent that he needs to do something about the camera in front of him. His decision? Clearly, the most logical thing to do at that point: stand behind the person being interviewed while adding nothing to it and swaying back and forth like a Mortal Kombat character you've already beat and haven't killed yet.

Hey, you'd drink as much as possible too if you lived in a place where the weather only comes in the options of depressing, cold, and even more depressing.
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Why Not Lick a Reporter in the Field?

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You'd HAVE to be drunk to decide to lick a reporter's neck on live television, right?