Top 17 Gorillamask Spank Bank Hotties of 2011 (So Far) People
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Top 17 Gorillamask Spank Bank Hotties of 2011 (So Far)

Every day, the fine gentlemen over at hook us up with a different non-nude (non-nude as in, they're technically wearing something) hottie. So, since it gets pretty daunting to keep up with them all, here's the year's roundup in the hottest, greatest and most memorable "Spank Bank" posts by GorillaMask this year (so far).

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    The Star Wars Babe

    First of all, if you're feeling brave, here's the full collection of GorillaMask's "Spank Bank" section , in all its glory. Now to the best of the year so far...

    This wonderful young woman gets top billing (as of the beginning of this list) because a Gorillamask fan decided to grace us all with her presence (and more importantly, her body) after their webmaster complained about no hot girls ever sending pictures into the site.

    I was recently pouting that no hot chicks ever send sexy pictures like they do to other sites and then, lo and behold, Jesus sent these out of nowhere proving that he really is there when you need him the most. Her message: "In response to your web link, 'Hot Chicks in Star Wars Shirts,' here's some photos I just took. :)"

    So, this girl gets the first tip of the hat for being a fellow Gorillamask fan and for a set of pictures that can only be described in one way:

    But the burning question everyone has had since remains: will we ever get to see her face?

    Only time (and this girl) will tell.

  2. 2

    Susan Coffey makes the cut because she's not quite famous, but she's one of those girls who you've seen a billion times if you're kind of a pervert and you click on anything that looks like it might have a naked or hot chick on it (in other words, you've seen her before).

    She's a classically beautiful girl with an ambiguous natural hair color (although sources in my dreams tell me she's a natural redhead and that the carpet matches Bruce Willis's drapes) who graces internet forums, pictorials all over the place, and of course, Model Mayhem.

    The kind folks over at Gorillamask were smart enough to put together some insanely hot pictures of this girl in this amazing set of Susan Coffey in various stages of undress.

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    Kylie Jade

    Kylie Jade looks really hot, kind of insecure and pretty much like she doesn't want to be there (aka, Kylie Jade reminds me of most of my sexual experiences) in this set. She eventually warms up to the camera and exhibits a confident smile with a perfect body and that little extra something that lets you know that somebody's home.

    Here's the full set from Kylie Jade on Gorillamask.

  5. 5


    Leah's a hot name to begin with because it kind of sounds like Leia. And living out that childhood fantasy makes almost any chick worth it (even if they act like Lea Michele).

    Her set will remind you of that girl who you became friends with for the first few weeks of college before she realized she was hot. The difference? Leah's probably not a stripper.

    She's got a great approachable quality that's becoming more popular these days since geeks are starting to run the earth.

    BONUS: If you look closely, she's got a bunch of adorable little spots on her belly that will, at first, make you clean your computer screen... only to soon-after make it sticky again.

  6. 6

    Ashley Marie

    If Heidi Montag had gotten plastic surgery to look like a regular hot girl, instead of a character from Masters of the Universe, then she would look like this.

    Ashley Marie is on this list for one reason (other than her amazing body), and that's because she looks college-aged and awesome. She has one of those great body/face combos where her face doesn't look like it's aged twice as fast as her body.

    This face, for example is hotter than most pictures of fully naked girls on the internet.

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