The Top 20 Indie Albums of All Time Albums

The Top 20 Indie Albums of All Time

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My top 20 indie rock albums of all time. the best of the 80's 90's and today including Radiohead, Elliott Smith and The White Stripes. Alternative music made without the influence of major record labels. In my opinion these are the purest, strongest, soul filled indie albums. no fillers, no watered down taste, no corporate hang-over. Every one of these albums changed my life and i promise if you give them a open minded listen they will cuddle up inside your soul and grow like golden magic tumors or diamond crusted insect eggs with a caramel core. They will give you super powers.

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  1. 1
    In the Aeroplane over the Sea
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    In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is the second album by American indie rock band Neutral Milk Hotel. It was released in the United States on February 10, 1998 on Merge Records and May 1998 on Blue Rose Records in the United Kingdom. Jeff Mangum moved from Athens, Georgia to Denver, Colorado to prepare the ...more

  2. 2
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    Either/Or is the third studio album by American singer-songwriter Elliott Smith. Recorded in several locations mostly in Portland, Oregon while Smith was still in Heatmiser and produced by Smith, Tom Rothrock and Rob Schnapf, Either/Or was released on February 25, 1997 through record label Kill Rock ...more

  3. 3
    Kid A
    Photo: Freebase

    Kid A is the fourth studio album by the English rock band Radiohead, released in October 2000 on Parlophone. Burnt out after recording and promoting Radiohead's acclaimed 1997 album OK Computer, songwriter Thom Yorke envisioned a radical change in direction for their next album. Incorporating influences ...more

  4. 4
    The Glow, Part 2
    Photo: Freebase

    The Glow Pt. 2 is The Microphones' seventh studio album, released in September 2001 through K Records. It is considered by many to be The Microphones' definitive work. The Glow [Pt. 1] was the title of the fourth track on his previous album It Was Hot, We Stayed in the Water. A reissue with a bonus disc ...more

  5. 5
    Photo: mean daddy

    Doolittle is the second studio album from the American alternative rock band Pixies, released in April 1989 on 4AD. The album's offbeat and dark subject material, featuring references to surrealism, Biblical violence, torture and death, contrasts with the clean production sound achieved by the newly ...more

  6. 6
    Surfer Rosa
    Photo: Tracy Sigler

    Surfer Rosa is the first full-length album by the American alternative rock band Pixies, released in March 1988 on the British independent record label 4AD. The album's unusual and offbeat subject matter includes references to mutilation and voyeurism; this is augmented by experimental recording ...more

  7. 7
    Yip/Jump Music
    Photo: Freebase

    Yip/Jump Music is the fifth self-released music cassette album by singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston, recorded over the summer 1983. The album was re-released on cassette in 1986 by Stress records, and in 1988 released on CD and double LP by Homestead Records. The album has been re-released twice by ...more

  8. 8

    Funeral is the debut studio album by the Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire, released on September 14, 2004 in North America by Merge Records and on February 28, 2005 in Europe by Rough Trade Records. It was given its title because several band members had recently lost members of their families: ...more

  9. 9

    Siamese Dream is the second album by the American alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins, released on July 27, 1993 on Virgin Records. The album fused diverse influences such as shoegazing, dream pop, heavy metal, and progressive rock. Despite recording sessions fraught with difficulties and ...more

  10. 10
    If You’re Feeling Sinister
    Photo: Freebase/Fair use

    If You're Feeling Sinister is the second album by Scottish pop group Belle & Sebastian, released on the independent label Jeepster Records in the United Kingdom and Matador Records in the United States. The album was released to much critical praise in 1996. Band leader Stuart Murdoch has stated in ...more

  11. 11
    Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes
    Photo: Freebase

    Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes is the 2004 debut album by the American art rock band, TV on the Radio. The album, recorded at Headgear Studio in Brooklyn, was awarded the Shortlist Music Prize for 2004. It was released on CD, 12" vinyl and MP3 download formats. The CD is enhanced with two ...more

  12. 12
    The Soft Bulletin
    Photo: Freebase/Fair use

    The Soft Bulletin is the ninth album released by The Flaming Lips on May 17, 1999 in the UK, with a US release following on June 22, 1999. It was released to wide critical acclaim and hailed by critics as a departure from their previous guitar-heavy alternative rock sound, into a more layered and ...more

  13. 13

    Meat Puppets II is the second album by the Tempe, Arizona band the Meat Puppets, released in 1984. It is a departure from their self-titled debut album, which consisted largely of noisy hardcore with unintelligible vocals. It covers many genres from country-style rock to slow acoustic songs to ...more

  14. 14

    Double Nickels on the Dime is the third studio album by American punk trio Minutemen, released on the Californian independent record label SST Records in 1984. A double album containing 45 songs, Double Nickels on the Dime combines elements of punk rock, funk, country, spoken word and jazz, and ...more

  15. 15
    The Lonesome Crowded West
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    The Lonesome Crowded West is the second full-length album recorded by alternative rock band Modest Mouse. The album was released on Up Records on November 18, 1997, on both compact disc and vinyl LP. Many consider the album to be one of the best indie rock albums of the 1990s: Pitchfork Media ranked it ...more

  16. 16
    White Blood Cells
    Photo: Jeremy Chan

    White Blood Cells is the third studio album by American alternative rock duo The White Stripes, released on July 3, 2001. Recorded in less than one week at Easley-McCain Recording in Memphis, Tennessee, and produced by frontman and guitarist Jack White, it was the band's final record released ...more

  17. 17
    Bee Thousand
    Photo: Freebase/Fair use

    Bee Thousand is the seventh album by American indie rock band Guided by Voices released on June 21, 1994. It was recorded on consumer-quality audio recorders rather than in a studio, and many of the songs are less than two minutes long. After its release the band became one of the more prominent groups ...more

  18. 18
    Photo: William Beutler

    Endtroducing..... is the debut studio album of American music producer DJ Shadow, released on November 19, 1996 on the record label Mo' Wax. The album is renowned for being composed almost entirely of sampled content, most of which originated from various vinyl records obtained by DJ Shadow during trips ...more

  19. 19

    Bakesale is the fifth album by American indie rock band Sebadoh. It was released by Sub Pop in 1994. Bakesale was the first Sebadoh album released following the departure of founding member, Eric Gaffney, though he did drum on four of the album's tracks from a session engineered by Bob Weston. Tara Jane ...more

  20. 20
    Photo: Freebase/Fair use

    Spiderland is the second studio album by the American rock band Slint. It was released on March 27, 1991, through Touch and Go Records. Featuring dramatically alternating dynamics and vocals ranging from spoken word to shouting, the album contains narrative lyrics that emphasize alienation. Spiderland ...more

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