The Top 20 Jackie Chan Movies Films

The Top 20 Jackie Chan Movies

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    Project A
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    The ultimate Jackie Chan-movie, period! Everything is top-notch here, the chemistry between the three "brothers", the fighting, the story, the music and the breath-taking stunts. If you find yourself having watched "The Tuxedo" or "The Medallion" by mistake and feeling naceous, just pop this one into your DVD and forget about all the horrible things Jackie did in the last years.
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    Police Story
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    A superb Jackie Chan movie, and probably his biggest success up until then. The beginning is extremely impressive, when Jackie demolishes an entire village, races a bus by feet, clings on to the speeding bus hanging from an umbrella and having his stuntmen nearly killing themselves by the end of the scene. The middle part is a bit elusive, as it drags on for quite a while and nothing essential really happens, even though there are some comedic and dramatic moments to appreciate. The ending is bar none, the most breathtaking action scene you'll ever witness in a movie. The amount of death-defying stunts here is endless, and the fighting is fast, brutal and perfectly choreographed throughout. Show it to your friends if you want to convert them to Jackie Chan! Fung Hak-on is bad-ass as usual and one of the main villain's right hand.
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    Amazing! The three brothers unite again for the last time and what a show they put on for us. Stunts and action galore, and the last fight is one of the best fight scene in any Jackie Chan movie in terms of speed, acrobatics, pure martial arts and painful stunts. This, together with Project A is mandatory for anyone calling themselves a fan of Jackie Chan. Edit: Went down on the list a few steps, simply because I watched all the top movies again and I felt it wasn't as good as a whole as the other ones. Parts of it is unbelievable, but the romantic story-line drags the movie a bit at times, (although it's funny for most part) and it isn't as frenzic or energetic as the other candidates. A must-see nonetheless!
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    The most underrated Jackie Chan movie! The same style as Rumble in the Bronx and a perfect blend of comedy and NON-STOP action. (Probably the most action of any JC-movie) Jackie Chan the way we all know and love him. Be warned though, the acting from most of the cast is atrotious at best.. makes you cringe half of the time.
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    Crime Story
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    Jackies best serious flick. Nothing resembling comedy here, and it's all well directed drama and raw action. The story is suspenseful and riveting throughout. There are some amazing fight sequences as well. Not to be missed!
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    The Accidental Spy
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    Seldom spoken of in the sense of a great Jackie Chan movie, but in my opinion the last truly great action comedy from Jackie. After this, it all went downhill quality-wise.
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    Heart of Dragon
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    Jackie's probably most dramatic film. The acting from both Sammo Hung and Jackie is very good, and the movie certainly has it's great moments. The only Jackie Chan film that made me come even close to feeling a clump in my throat, and that's quite an accomplishment! The disappointing part is the action, which is scarce and not as good as I had hoped. The end fight is good, but didn't leave any lasting impression on me, unfortunately.
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