The 25 Most Sexist Roger Sterling Quotes TV Characters
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The 25 Most Sexist Roger Sterling Quotes

The greatest Roger Sterling quotes are the ones that would make even Don Draper blush. One of the greatest things about AMC's Mad Men is John Slattery's depiction of the racist, sexist and utterly 60s businessman character Roger Sterling. As one of the head partners where they work, Sterling not only has the power, but the charisma (and wherewithal) to say basically whatever he wants. And since the show takes place in a different time, and people weren't being PC yet, half the things that come out of his mouth are either racist, sexist or insensitive.

What are the best "Mad Men" quotes from Roger Sterling? These are the greatest, most wonderfully reprehensible moments in Roger Sterling sexism history.
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    "Who Cares?"

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    Don Draper: "Let me ask you something. What do woman want?"
    Roger Sterling: "Who cares?"

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