Top 25 Gorillamask Spank Bank Hotties of 2012 (So Far) Anything
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Top 25 Gorillamask Spank Bank Hotties of 2012 (So Far)

List Criteria: Girls from's daily Spank Bank, rounded up every 6 months for your convenience.

Every single day of every single year, the crew at hooks us up with a different non-nude (non-nude as in, nothing you couldn't show on cable... most of the time) hottie. So, since it gets pretty daunting to keep up with them all, here's the year's roundup in the hottest, greatest and most memorable "Spank Bank" posts by GorillaMask this year (so far).

Happy first 6 months of 2012 to the Spank Bank, the only bank that won't charge you for not making enough deposits.

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    Imogen Thomas is a Goddess who shoots light out of her vagina (pronounced "va-HEE-nah" in Spanish) -- much like I hypothesized throughout my entire childhood.

    I'm not kidding, look: She's so hot that the universe has blessed her with the power to shoots rays of lights out of her vaheeenaaah.

    This is the first thing you should look for in a wife.

    Also it's not a bad idea if your wife looked like her, unless you wanted to go the safe route and marry an ugly girl so that she would never leave you like in that classic 70s song.

    She makes the list because she is flawless and knows how to hold her stuff up better than even the most expensive, on-sale bra anyone could ever buy on a whim.

    Click here for the full gallery of Imogen Thomas lying naked all over furniture that looks like it's from A Clockwork Orange, while violating every towel-rule that any nudist colony I've ever been to has ever instated.

  2. 2

    Natasha Belle

    Natasha Belle has her own website named after her. She's one of those girls that probably has endless videos of her playing volleyball on her site. She probably also has endless videos of her lying around, reading through her texts for a monthly fee of $30 for really lonely dudes who can afford it and message her constantly asking for a video where she's playing a god damn video game but she doesn't answer for 6 months even though you've messaged her literally 30 times and now all the emails are bouncing back.

    She belongs on this list because hotness.

    This is her bending over while smiling in tight black underwear on a bed that doesn't seem to have sheets on it for some reason. Maybe she's a maid. A sexy, overpaid-because-she's-white maid.

  3. 3

    Hailey from Hailey's Hideaway

    Hailey from Hailey's Hideaway looks like she got really good grades up until college.

    She's got that insanely adorable girl-next-door look that makes her one of the top choices for amazingly, disarmingly and just inappropriately hot girls on this list.

    This is the bar, you guys.

    Her gallery also features a lot more nudity (thanks to the see-thru rules which governs not only the internet, but magazine stands and therefore THE WORLD) than most Spank Banks.

    She's really got everything going for her. I hope she runs for President.

    This is what she looks like in clothes that she doesn't wear in public.

  4. 4

    Kaya Danielle

    Kaya Danielle is a great actress (for a non-actress that takes her clothes off for glorious, bikini-buying money).

    She actually pulls off that look that you try and get out of most girls who have hot pictures taken of themselves for a living: terrified that you, the viewer, is even in the room.

    She makes the list because she has a genuinely pretty face, and a highly photoshopped body which shows that she's not one of these fake-boobed girls where everything is plastic. She's a REAL woman. She should be in Dove commercials (I'm sorry, I don't really mean that Kaya, you're not fat).

    Click here for Kaya's full set where she seems really confused about how to take a bikini off. But she learns. Dear God does she learn.

    Click here for more from Kaya Danielle where she takes her top off and then covers her breasts with her hands like someone who doesn't know what she just did or why

  5. 5

    Laura Vinicombe

    The greatest part about Laura Vincombe isn't the fact that she very frequently only shows one eye like that one Captain Planet "eco-villain" Dr. Blight, but that it looks like she's just some random college girl with fake boobs who happens to have met a lot of amateur "photographers" at parties willing to take pictures of her in various stages of undress (A.K.A. any single dude with a camera they feel guilty about spending too much money on). This is the only way that non-professional pictures of girls this hot are ever taken.


    The way that she's hot and deserves to be on this list is really more mental than anything else. She wages psychological warfare on your man-peepee-parts, much like Dr. Blight from Captain Planet waged ecological warfare on Mother Gaia, Captain Planet, The Planeteers and the earth itself.

    Click here to see the full set of Laura Vinicombe's amateur set filled with blondeness, tattoos, boobs and more (yes, more!)

  6. 6

    Yulia from Yulia's Secret

    You know those girls that have a name that's very close to an American name, but they spell it slightly differently to seem more sophisticated? Well, Yulia's foreign enough so that her parents actually gave her this polarizing, confusing name that probably made her substitute teachers very nervous about getting made fun of. She's a weirdly-spelled almost-name O.G., I guess you could say (although you really, as a man or porn-seeking-lesbian, should never say that).

    Yulia has that perfect "kind of uncomfortable so maybe the photographer had his penis out during the session" look on her face that makes all hand bras that much more defensive and therefore amazing (I promise all of you that I'm seeing a therapist).

    Her hair and body also rule.

    Here's the full gallery of Yulia looking incredibly hot, showing off her Taylor-Momsen-esque awesomeness.

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