Top 25 Hottest Girls from Christmas Movies Film Actors
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Top 25 Hottest Girls from Christmas Movies

Christmas movies are a long standing tradition in America, and as long as we've had Christmas films we've also had Christmas hotties. In their honor, here are, the 25 most beautiful girls in Christmas films. From Christmas horror movies and Christmas comedies to Christmas actions movies and Christmas dramas, they all bring their own version of the Christmas dream girl.

Who are the hottest girls in Christmas movies? There are a bunch of Christmas movies to choose from so there are plenty of attractive actresses who been in these films. Take a look and see who the hottest girls from Christmas movies are. 

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    Zooey Deschanel - Elf

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    Zooey Deschanel is every guy's dream girl. She's the chick they wish lived next door, so they could do really sweet things like watch her sleep.

    The poster girl for the new vintage hipster movement was actually a bit rough around the edges in her breakout role as the adorable yet sarcastic love interest in Elf (back when she was still a blonde). While the gigantic age difference between her and Buddy the Elf is a bit disconcerting, it's nice to know that, at least in this fictional universe, Zooey Deschanel goes for unattractive semi-retarded funny guys.

    Here's to you, Zooey.

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