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fails The Top 25 Worst Dressed Video Game Characters (2011 Edition)  

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While most video games give us some truly unique and enviable fashion, there are just some characters that don't know basic fashion rules. From the obsurd to the just plain ugly, these video game characters could learn a few things from Tim Gunn or Michael Kors. We could call this the What Not To Wear: Video Game Edition.

Here are the worst dressed video game characters from 2011.

25. Tom Reed - Splinter Cell Conviction

So how do you screw up the most basic of all upper-crust male outfits, the black suit? Well we should ask the modelers at Ubisoft this very question, since I've seen the concept art for Tom Reed, the heavy of the game, and it looks pretty stylish.

No the failure here isn't at the conceptual level (with the exception of his eternally popped collar), but in the practical space. Once this guy's body had dimensions, the suit they threw on him no longer fit properly, and hence we get a villain who looks like a kid who raided his older brother's closet.

The Jacket's too big, the pants are too baggy. It just makes the character seem incredibly inept every time you look at him making every ounce of thread on his being an ounce of pity.

Sure, it would really not be much of a problem if he was almost any other character in the game, but when you're an important villain, it's kind of a problem if you dress like an NPC.

24. Bessie Kent - Dead Rising 2

While we're still in the realm of the practical outfits, let's take a walk over to Fortune City, where a bevy of NPC survivors provide us with - gah!? What the hell type of dress is that?

Bessie is apparently wearing some sort of dress that is trying to reinterpret the French flag, but even just draping the flag over yourself would look better than whatever the designers here decided to put all over this poor woman, which really ended up looking more like a Korean dry cleaners owner accidentally wearing something someone intentionally forgot in your store.

You meet Bessie here on a rescue mission where she and some other girls attempt to take advantage of the zombie outbreak to go shopping for shoes.

Let me tell you girl, shoes are the last thing you should be going shopping for.

23. Barry Wheeler - Alan Wake

Don't get me wrong - I love Barry! He's probably one of the main reasons to play Alan Wake; a rather endearing sidekick who sticks with our hero Alan "I'm a Writer" Wake throughout his adventures in the ironically named Bright Falls while hordes of shadow monsters try to kill them both. But you can tell the dud is single, and that no one in his life was helping him pick out his clothes:

Funnily enough though, as you progress through the game, Barry's outfit get's a tad bit worse- if more practical.

Since said monsters in Alan Wake are hurt by light, Barry gets a "bright" idea when he stumbles into a hardware store and covers himself up in Christmas tree lights!

It's an outfit that makes sense, but I definitely wouldn't recommend it for a night on the town. Or for cosplayers - and of course that's just bound to happen. . .

22. Lori Machete - Unbound Saga

Speaking of "bound" how about Unbound Saga? A little downloadable Brawler that came to Xbox LIVE arcade in 2010?

Now the main lead, Rick Ajax, definitely looks fairly ridiculous, but he ain't got nothing on his female sidekick, Lori Machete:

So yeah this game is like Final Fight, and apparently Lori here went to the "Poison" school of dressing and went with the "14 year old hooker in an 80s movie dystopia" look, deciding to show off pretty much every inch of her body she could get away with while wearing completely clashing mini-skirt, mini-shirt outfit and alternating pieces of stocking on the wrong appendages instead of making anything even slightly recognizable.

Then there's the fact that you can see the strings of her thong, which adds a whole new "Ke$ha video" class to the whole ensemble.

Now that's kind of the point of the characters in this game I guess, but Jesus, I just generally don't wake up in the morning and decide,"you know, I'd really like to take on the persona of a prostitute today!" Not every day... not every day...

21. Special Award - Worst Fake Mascot

Oddly enough, 2010 was a year of Mascots in videogames. I'm not talking the "corporate logo" kind you get with Mario or Sonic or Mickey Mouse or the Vault Boy, but of ACTUAL mascots in games. I'm talkin' about the kind that you see prancing around on the field next to the real athletes and acting like an ass, like the Southern Illinois Saluki .

Pretty much ALL of them are horrible:

First, we have Slappy from Dead Rising 2, and he's rather creepy- but it's a horror game, so we will let it pass (for something that's almost a direct ripoff of a Goosebumps book.)

Then we have the atrocity that was Bullseye - the Monday Night Combat Mascot, who started out a bit odd, but with later updates received an even more abhorrent color scheme:

Apparently we needed someone that works for Sprite on the weekends in this game.

But you know what, I gotta say, the most visually unappealing and aesthetically insulting mascot of last year had to be that Kinect Sports Carrot.

Not only does it look rather ludicrous with his head band AND head phones, but come on, who the hell buys an entire system with the first most logical game to get with it and then decides "hey, I'd love to be bossed around by a sign twirler all day"?

That's right: me. But other than that, no one.

20. Angel - Dance Central

While we're talking about the Kinect, let's take a look at Dance Central shall we?

Now, to be fair pretty much all of the men in this game dress rather awfully - in a range of pastels that would look right at home on the eggs you paint for Easter, or the seasonal M&M's we all avoid.

Especially Mo, who ugh, if this is the new hip-hop garb, I'll finally be able to say I look tougher than most "gang bangers."

Even though who they essentially have given us here is Kenny: Seth Green's character from Can't Hardly Wait. Glad I bought a Kinect for this thing!

But the worst dressed here is still, somehow, Angel; in his "I'm shooting for the award for biggest tool in the universe" outfit. Dance competition, what're you gonna do? That's right, bring a SCARF.

If I haven't seen it in a Step Up movie, it doesn't belong in this game.

19. TIE! Cammy & Chun Li - Super Street Fighter 4 DLC

I honestly can't decide which DLC costume for Super Street Fighter 4 ended up worse:

First, we have Cammy here, in her very silly looking cat armor, which really sounds like a better idea than it was, so you've at least got to hand it to them for their tenacity.

In all honesty, parts of it aren't bad, like the kind of neat arm guards and chest piece. But the cat-eared and tailed leotard combined with both a needless face mask AND the puffy go-go boots just takes it too far, on pretty much every level.

More importantly, how do you take one of the hottest possible characters a (hot) girl can cosplay and cover her up in a furry-bait costume that makes her look like a Mighty Max sidekick?

But then there's ChunLi:

Who ever decided on the color scheme for this dress needs to die in several subsequent fires while puffy Snow-White-shoulder-pads from those creepy little girl dancing contests serve as their kindling.

It's just something that I'm pretty sure no one would ever wear unless they were in a parade - which maybe that's what it's actually for, but still, not exactly the best way to show off how tough, or how sexy you are Miss Li.

18. TIE! Hope & Isa Jo - FF13 & Sin and Punishment 2

While we're still in the land of bright pastel hues and feminine outfits, let's look at the a couple of examples of completely outrageous and kind of creepy outfits put on every Priest's dream demographic...

It's another tie here too, for while Hope Estheium (Geshundheit!) of FF13 is trying for the ultimate "Nancy boy" look here, a la every FF character.

He's actually wearing leather, button-fly, elastic banded capris... which if any self-respecting man would see on the rack, he would never buy unless it was getting him laid. Is this what it takes to get laid in the Final Fantasy universe?

Anyway, he has received sizable competition in Isa Jo from Sin and Punishment 2: Star Successor...

Because nothing says "Male Protagonist" like knee high boots, rolled up hot pants and a decorative belt over your top.

Dudes: if you're ever wearing a belt over the top half of your body, or anywhere that's not your pants, you've probably gotten lost in Forever 21 (again.)