Top 5 'Complete Package' Celebs (Female Only) People In Film
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Top 5 'Complete Package' Celebs (Female Only)

List Criteria: Sexy (Boobs and Butt), Beautiful (Eyes, Hair, Smile), and Female (NO CROSS-DRESSERS!).

The most beautiful, sexy women. I only have a few pictures, so I'm just going with 5 to start. I may change it. Some will be better in some areas than others, but all will be worthy of being on this list (at least to me).
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    Claudia Molina

    The most physically perfect woman on the planet! Check her out on facebook and twitter, ... more
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    1984 More
    From Austrailia. She's a model and has graduated from law school, and loves showing off her ... more
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    1973 More
    All grown up from her Charles in Charge days. Check her out at her site or use google.
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    1977 More
    Pretty AND sexy. Like Claudia Molina and Sofia Vergara, she's from Colombia. What do they have ... more
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    1982 More
    If you don't know about Jessica Biel, then you probably can't read what I'm writing anyway... more
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