Top 5 Best Dressed Oscars 2011 People
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Top 5 Best Dressed Oscars 2011

There were lots of dresses this year that made the mark as good, and even great, but these are the few that shook the fashion heavens a bit for me.
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    the most beautiful red dress on the red carpet. the hair, makeup, jewels are just amazing. that shade of red on her lips is the perfect mix of dark and bright shade. it almost has a bit of plum in it and so it manages to punch even more than the bright red of her dress. just PERFECT. Rachel zoe really pulled it off this year both preggers and no taylor help.
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    i know this got ragged on a lot, but I shain't change my position. love her hair, love the sort of dark and mature color but the undoubtedly sexy fit and material of the dress.

    It's a shame that it doesn't photograph well.
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    Another actor's wife. She has a gorgeous face and such a bright, young, trendy dress. There's something really exciting and current about this dress on the red carpet. I hear she's a former model, not surprising. She carries with her that je ne sais quois.
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    Look at that hair! We haven't seen such youthfulness on the red carpet in such a while. It makes her bubbly personality shine through so perfectly. Love this reinvention of the famous Julia Roberts Valentino gown. Every brunette needs a blonde counterpart.
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