The Top 5 Car Features to Save Your Marriage Anything

The Top 5 Car Features to Save Your Marriage

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VroomGirls - the best car site for women - recently put together its own list of the best new-car features to help keep your marital bliss blissful.
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    Memory Seats

    Memory seats "remember" each driver’s preferred seat and mirror positions, restoring them at the press of a button. Most cars have two memory settings, and some cars will even store each driver’s preferred radio presets.
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    GPS (the Global Positioning System) uses satellites to pin-point the car’s location and built-in maps to select a route. Because GPS always knows where the car is, it can compensate for the wrong turns, without the need for the self-emasculation that comes when we stop and ask for help.
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    Separate Cars

    If you and your partner suffer from incompatible neatness standards, the best investment you can make is to have two separate cars. One partner can wallow in filth while the other admires his or her reflection in the dashboard, and never the twain shall meet.
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    Active Cruise Control

    Active cruise control works like regular cruise control, but uses radar or sonar to detect vehicles in front of you. If it senses a car ahead, it automatically slows your car to match the speed of the one in front. This eliminates the "You’re following to close" argument.
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    Dual-Zone Climate Control

    Dual-zone climate control allows the driver and passenger to set the temperature on their own side of the car.
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