5 Classic Sitcom Episodes That Sadly Predicted The Future TV Episodes
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5 Classic Sitcom Episodes That Sadly Predicted The Future

Sometimes, reviewing cherished parts of our past can reveal seedy aspects we never noticed before. Like how when we were kids we thought our mom kept the cleanest house in the whole wide world. But now we realize she's just an average woman who did a lot of meth.

With that in mind, we revisited 5 classic sitcom episodes that real-life events have made epically sad. Let's get bummed!

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    The Family Ties Episode Where Alex Loses Bodily Control

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    What Happens: Alex P. Keaton (played by Michael J. Fox) loses bodily control.

    Family Ties is known for confronting serious situations in a humorous way. Once, Tom Hanks played an alcoholic uncle who chugs a bottle of vanilla. So, in another episode where oldest sibling Alex becomes addicted to pills, the situation is treated in a hilariously serious way. After all, Alex was only popping pills to get an advantage in his homework. Ah, to live in the days before rap invaded suburbia, when white folks had absolutely no idea how to have fun with drugs. Fortunately for young Alex, his father intervenes and throws the pills away. Unfortunately, this was before the entire world had a collective intervention against ridiculous men's beards.

    Everything's pretty funny up to this point, in an "I'm learning a lesson" kind of way. But then Alex wakes up the next day and things aren't so funny. Especially in light of the crippling brain disorder which now plagues the amazing actor Michael J. Fox (Back to the F*ture, The Frighteners, Doc Hollywood), causing him to twitch and stumble uncontrollably. First, Alex tries to get out of bed, and falls on his face:

    Again, when we were kids this was hilarious. Now that we know this occasionally happens to Michael J. Fox... tragic. The face-fall is soon followed by twitching:

    The knowledge that Alex P. Keaton will sober up from his pill withdrawal symptoms, but Michael J. Fox will never again have relief is sobering, to say the least. Alex's behavior scares his mother so much that she has to hide from the five-foot-four actor:

    The sensitive man rears his 90-pound body to full height
    It's truly sad to be reminded of the brutal symptoms of Parkinson's. Even more sad is being reminded that they will never make a Doc Hollywood 2:

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