4 Big-Ass Things People Made On Minecraft

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Minecraft allows you to create anything you can imagine that can be shaped with square blocks. From the basic interactions between wood, stone, glass, water and other materials, you have all the tools you need to craft complex and dynamic objects and environments. And it's not just giant phalluses and statues of 8-bit Mario either. Some people have went to enormous lengths to create wonderful worlds filled with ridiculously ambitious creations. In many cases, the effort and vision of these creations are matched only by the utterly pointlessness of their existence. Despite this, the satisfaction achieved from building then marvelling at these constructions is matched only by the feeling you get from marvelling without having to build them. To all you lazy Minecraft players, here's the top 5 Minecraft creations for you to enjoy without having to chop eight thousand virtual trees and then develop RSA in your mouse hand.
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    A Big-Ass butthole

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    Of all the things to build, why not a primitive ALU with all the processing power of a Casio calculator?
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    A Big-Ass highway

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    My personal favourite Minecraft video!
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    A Big-Ass rollercoaster

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    Over time these will get bigger and sillier I'm sure.
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    A Big-Ass space ship

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    Minecraft and Star Trek comes together in a perfect union of geek.

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