Top 5 Grand Theft Auto Games Video Games
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Top 5 Grand Theft Auto Games

I have played many GTA's, and I will rank them in my opinion.
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    GTA V will be the biggest GTA and the best game of 2013. The game had to be late developed because it was so good. The game includes locations and stuff that the other GTA's will not have. The City is San Andrea's Los Santos but bigger and in a different shape. There is a gameplay video, but it is not the real gameplay, but an example.
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    GTA San Andreas is not the most recant it was developed in 2004. It has the biggest GTA map until GTA V. The graphics may not be the best, but you can do more stuff than GTA IV. You can drive planes, trains and build your body and also lowride. The map includes Los Santos (Also in GTA V) that is based on LA. Las Venturas that is based on Las Vegas and San Fierro that is based on San Francisco. It was worth paying 1200Mspoints.
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    GTA IV is the most recant official. There are two Liberty Cities. One custum (GTA III) and one based on New york that is this game's. GTA IV has the best grapics than the other GTA's. ON GTA IV, you play as Nico, who is a Russian Veteran who moves in near his cousin Roman. The game includes. The Underground, and also TV :D 
  4. 4
    This 10 year old game is a Classic, many fun glitches and cheats. This game is based on a 1980's Miami. I have not played this game much, So the review is short, but I have to admit, this is a sick game for a 10 year old game.
  5. 5
    The classic first 3D GTA, This classic game was developed in 2001 by rockstar. The game may not have swimming, or graphics, but in that realise date, it was one of Rockstar's masterpieces. The Map is a custom map including, sights like the Hoover Dam and the New York Underground with 3 small islands.
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