Top 5 Reasons Priuses Suck Car Models
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Top 5 Reasons Priuses Suck

The Prius. A car for the driver who knows nothing about automobiles, and even less about the environment. I have no problem with hybrids. I love technology. But the Prius? It's the environmental elitist's Ferrari. A car dripping with self-satisfaction and stinking of smug. Intentionally ugly, yet still self-important.

Why is the Prius hated? There are greener cars, and much better vehicles for saving money. But the Prius driver doesn't care. For them, it's all about the image. Here are five reasons why the Toyota Prius sucks.

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    Alright, full disclosure: I drive an entry level BMW sedan that cost me little more than a fully loaded Honda Accord. Nothing too showy. And yet, I have had more than one Prius driver admonish me for driving something so "ostentatious". Prius driver's love that word "ostentatious"; they fling it like a monkey flings its poo at any car they deem too "white collar".

    Well-- as someone who's awesome once said, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." Something that is "ostentatious" is intended to attract attention and impress people. And if you looked up the word "hypocrite", you'd find a photo of a Prius driver. There are plenty of great looking hybrid cars out there, but only one that screams, "Look! Look at me! I'm in a hybrid, and therefore morally superior to you!" The Prius is easily the most smug car on the planet, let alone one of the most ostentatious.

    In 2007, when a large survey asked, "Why did you purchase a Prius?" The majority of Prius owners answered, "It makes a statement about me." NOT, "Because it's good for the environment." NOT, "Because it saves money on gas." No-- they bought it for the image. "Ostentatious" indeed.

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