Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider Cellular Shades Anything
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Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider Cellular Shades

If you need new window treatments, do yourself a favor and check out cellular window shades. Here's why you should:
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    Cellular shades are the champs of insulation. Replacing your old mini blinds with energy efficient cellulars will save you money on heating and cooling. Over the years, you'll thank yourself for choosing them.

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    Light control options

    Cellular shades are one of a few window treatments that come in a full range of opacities (how much light is transmitted through the fabric), from sheer to opaque. That means you can use them in every room in your home. The range is sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque and opaque. Not very clear words, I know. The simple rule of thumb is sheer and semi-sheer for natural light, and semi-opaque and opaque for greater privacy and light control.

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    Blackout, in the window treatments business, means that the shade blocks 99% of all incoming light. And, blackout cellular shades are one of the best for room darkening. BTW, blackout isn't just about an opaque fabric, it is also about a tight fit within your window casing, to minimize light seepage. Cellular shades, when made to measure (custom) and chosen with an opaque fabric will provide "true" blackout.

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    Crisp pleats

    Cellular shades, with their crisp pleats offer attractive contemporary looks that work well with almost any decor. Most cellular shades brands offer different pleat sizes. For bigger windows, choose the larger pleat size.

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    Horizontal and vertical

    You can also choose cellular shades for sliding glass doors (AKA vertical cellular shades). These slide vertically on a track. This is a great way to maximize the energy efficiency of all the windows in your home!

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