Top 5 Unintentionally Funny Game Moments Video Games
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Top 5 Unintentionally Funny Game Moments

As gamers, we spend much of our time shooting, fighting, crafting, exploring, pwning and swearing at opponents, our controllers and the PS3′s firmware updates. The question is, can games make us laugh too. Well, apart from Monkey Islands and anything with Strong Bad in it, generally the answer is no. Sometimes they make us laugh unintentionally though. Here are the five best funny game videos ranked by comedy timing, chuckle value and number of flying bird men:
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    It had to be there. It shouldn’t still be funny. Still, every time I do something stupid I have to shout, "Leeroy Jenkins". That way, even if whatever I’m doing goes badly, I might be able to make a successful youtube video out of it. Go on, shout the magic words and do something stupidly foolhardy today!
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    Bioshock don’t feel like Dancin’

    Sometimes a glitch in itself isn’t that funny, but some appopriate soundtrack can make all the difference!
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    Halo 3 wheel of death

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    Game voice overs

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    Red Dead Redemption glitches

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