The Top 5 Used Cars Under $5000 Dollars Anything

The Top 5 Used Cars Under $5000 Dollars

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List Criteria: Top 5 Used Cars Under $5000 Dollars

When it comes to buying one of the top 5 used cars that are less than $5000 dollars you must understand that they were chosen for a good reason. These different vehicles are a pure example of great manufacturing a display excellence in some very crucial qualities which are safety, quality, fuel economy, price, and longevity.
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    Honda Civic 1996-2000

    There is probably isn’t a more popular second hand vehicle than the Honda Civic which does a great job being a reliable form of transportation. The Civic continues to this day to receive high praise for being so dependable and easy to repair.
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    Honda CR-V 2000-2002

    For those of you looking for something a tad bit bigger and still contains an awesome amount of quality you will love the Honda CR-V. There has never been an SUV that gotten this type of fuel economy and been so much fun to drive at the same time.
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    Ford Mustang 1997-2004

    If you’re like me and love the sound that comes out of nice V-8 engine then you will love the Ford Mustang. This is once again a vehicle that you will see plenty of consumers go after when pursuing a used auto under $5000 due to its sporty appeal and longevity.
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    Toyota 4Runner 1994-1996

    While the Honda CR-V is more of a classy SUV in my opinion, the Toyota 4Runner is what you want if need some heavy lifting done. This SUV has great power and good fuel economy and those who own one say that it’s very durable and lasts for some time.
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    Nissan 240SX 1990-1998

    The Nissan 240SX is another sporty choice that consumers can consider while receiving slightly better fuel economy than the Mustang. In its early and later years the 240SX still had a great appearance and continues to be a favorite among car buyers.
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