Top 7 (Real) Voodoo Gone Wrong Stories People
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Top 7 (Real) Voodoo Gone Wrong Stories

It is easy to disregard voodoo as a thing of any real danger. However, the disturbing reality is that voodoo kills people in the U.S. and around the world every year. It is a strong culture, especially in countries such as Haiti where belief in it is widely shared, but unfortunately has some dangerous rules and rituals that the devout occasionally carry out. This list is a collection of seven real life voodoo deaths and injuries, showing that it's not just child's play.

From horrifying scenes of being burned alive to absurd claims of being cursed, to mad passions masked by voodoo claims, this list has them all. Some of these instances are not the voodoo ritual themselves that cause the damage, but are the consequences of belief in the same. The placebo effect, coupled with fervent belief and a desire for change, can be deadly.
So, here are the worst times that real voodoo has ever gone wrong and actually caused some (often unintentional) death in some way, shape or form. Warning: some of these stories may be difficult to read for some viewers. 

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    Voodoo Priest's $300 Sex Ritual Leads to Apartment Fire

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    In hopes of obtaining good luck through a voodoo ritual, a woman met with a neighborhood priest on the fourth floor of his Brooklyn apartment. Unfortunately, the ritual didn't quite go to plan, with candles used during the ceremony sparking a horrific fire that killed one resident, injured 11 surrounding residents and 20 firefighters, and leaving 50 families homeless.   

    The fire took a total of seven hours and 200 firefighters to put out and left one big dent of guilt on the woman who was seemingly seeking good fortune.

    What makes this whole incident so tragic is that the woman paid $300 for the priest to perform this voodoo ritual on her. This, logically, led to sex, which is what caused the candles to initially start the blaze. When the pair finally noticed, the priest attempted to suppress the fire with water from his bathroom sink. A neighbor also opened a window in order to dissipate the smoke, but this only created a "blowtorch effect" and pushed the fire further into the hallway.

    Eventually, the flames took down the fourth, fifth and sixth floors, causing a partial collapse of the roof. Guess the lucky charm didn't work out.

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