Top 7 (Real) Voodoo Gone Wrong Stories People

Top 7 (Real) Voodoo Gone Wrong Stories

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Voodoo actually kills people in the U.S. and around the world. Sure, it kills mostly because people perform life-threatening rituals and because they're so afraid of curses that they're willing to kill before any effects take place, but still, voodoo kills.

So, here are the worst times that real voodoo has ever gone wrong and actually caused some (often unintentional) death in some way, shape or form.
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    Voodoo Priest's $300 Sex Ritual Leads to Apartment Fire

    In hopes of obtaining good luck through a voodoo ritual (it didn't work,) a woman met with a neighborhood priest on the fourth floor of his Brooklyn apartment only to be met with deathly flames sparked by candles from the ceremony, killing one and injuring 11 residents, 20 firefighters, and leaving 50 families homeless.

    The fire took a total of seven hours and 200 firefighters to put out and left one big dent of guilt on the woman who was seemingly seeking good fortune.

    So here's why this happened/why she was there to begin with:

    The woman paid $300 for the priest to perform this ritual on her, which "somehow" led to sex (wow, priests from ALL denominations are really letting loose nowadays.)

    Anyway, this sexy distraction allowed candles in the room to set the rest of the room ablaze. When the pair finally noticed, the priest attempted to suppress the fire with water from his bathroom sink (thank God.) A neighbor also opened a window in order to dissipate the smoke, but this only created a "blowtorch effect," pushing the fire further into the hallway.

    Eventually, the flames took down the fourth, fifth and sixth floors, causing a partial collapse of the roof.

    Of course, voodoo cannot be (entirely) blamed for the mishap. There IS, after all, a distinction between a voodoo specialist and a sketchy "priest" operating out of his Brooklyn apartment who fails in candle safety 101 and charges $300 for good luck sex.

  2. 2

    Mother and Grandmother Set 6-year-old Girl on Fire During "Loa" Ritual

    In an attempt to perform the Haitian voodoo practice of "Loa," which involves pouring a chemical accelerant over a 6 year old girl and forcing her to walk through a ring of fire, the girl's mother and grandmother, Marie Lauradin and Sylvenie Thessier of Queens New York, have been charged with first degree reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child even though they performed the ritual perfectly.

    The 6 year old child was tortured with second and third degree burns over 25% of her body, including her face, torso, and legs, and despite her painful cries for help, her mother and grandmother both denied her medical attention, cause that's just how voodoo rolls.

    The child was taken to the William Randolph Hearst Burn Center, and was treated with a medically induced coma and hooked up to a respirator. She was eventually released within four months of her arrival.

    However, the incident that led to the child's hospitalization will undoubtedly leave mental scars for the rest of her life.

    What took place was horrifying: The mother poured the chemical accelerant over the child's naked body and created a circle around her on the floor like they do in movies. She then lit the circle on fire.

    Also present were the child's grandmother and a family friend known as "Sketch" (nicknames, friends, pay attention to nicknames.) Although afterwards the grandmother bathed the child in cold water and put her to bed at 4 pm, a family friend saw the girl's condition and insisted that she be taken to a hospital.

    The girl's mother claims that rather than performing a voodoo ritual on her daughter, she was in fact preparing rice with boiling water on the stove, which somehow ended up spilling on the girl when she approached her from behind. Clearly the circle on the floor drew itself from the really precise dropping of the accelerant that maybe the child... was... going to use to... suntan?

    The girl's grandmother, Thessier, claims to have conveniently been in the bathroom at the time of the incident. The girl's mother also claims that she failed to notice any signs of burns on her daughter's body until she arrived at the hospital.

    Hey, ritual candlelight is pretty forgiving.

  3. 3

    Lave Tet Voodoo Spiritual Cleansing Leads to 20 year old's Death

    20-year-old transgender Lucille Marie Hamilton of Little Rock, Arkansas worked two jobs plus overtime just to make the trip all the way to Camden County, New Jersey to meet voodoo priest Houngan Hector Salva. Hamilton made this great decision in hopes of receiving a spiritual cleanse by undergoing the practice of Lave Tet (which if you took French just sounds like they're shampooing your hair.)

    At the time of the procedure, Hamilton admitted to Salva that she was in the process of taking hormonal operations for an eventual sex change; although her friends deny this.

    The last hours of Hamilton's life were spent in Salva's home "laughing, dancing and singing voodoo songs" among six other people seeking the spiritual help of Salva. They group originated from as far as the Netherlands and Canada. Hamilton also took a nap at the home, and at 11 pm that night, when Salva attempted to wake her up, she appeared lifeless and limp.

    Hector Salva's roots are in Puerto Rico and he was initiated as a voodoo priest in Haiti in 2003, which obviously sounds legit. He states that his voodoo abilities are the main source of his income. Salva seemed confident in his innocence and unfazed by the police instigation, stating, "They're just doing their jobs."

    In support of his innocence, Salva argues, "Anyone could have a guest stay the night and when they go to wake them up, they don't wake up. No one is promised tomorrow."

    Sure, it can happen, but this claim isn't helping his defense and neither is his creepy profile picture, which Salva posted on his blog, giving cops an idea of just who they were dealing with... a powerful master of the dark arts who apparently can't afford picture frames.

  4. 4

    45 Haitian Voodoo Priests Lynched for "Magically" Spreading Cholera

    In December of 2010, 45 Haitian priests were lynched because of Haitian mobs who accused the priests of spreading the cholera outbreak that killed over 2,500 people across the country. The priests were accused of spreading the illness through a "magical substance," and the attack raged on with continuous accusations against natural healers.

    Throughout the country five other victims, mostly voodoo priests, were stoned or hacked to death by machetes in related accusations.

    The "magical substance" that the victims were accused of spreading is left unexplained, and the deaths left unjustified. But not to worry, the UN will definitely take care of this one, after they get to the thousands of other inhumane acts that happen in places that actually use things like Witch Doctors as part of their belief system.

    Magical substance in this case was probably just poor sanitation. Either way, the fact that these guys were both voodoo priests is what really did them in.

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    Man Kills Mother in Law Over Voodoo Dust

    Joseph Cazeau, 48, of Crown Heights, New York, called 911 in September of 2007, admitting to killing his mother-in-law, justifying his confession with "she was trying to hex me."

    [Insert joke about how everyone thinks their mother-in-law is a witch, say it in Rodney Dangerfield's voice.]

    During a recurring argument with 61-year-old mother in law Marie Tertel at 9:30 om, Cazeau grabbed a pipe and smashed Tertel's face and head into the ground repeatedly, after she threatened to use "voodoo dust" on him -- which, hey, if you're in the right country could totally count as self defense.

    Cazeau had been dating Tertel's daughter, Marie Luzincourt, and the couple had three children together.

    Luzincourt was not home at the time of the incident, and her brother claims that Cazeau was extremely difficult to get along with and that he refused to contribute to the household finances, rent, and was extremely violent at times.

    In Cazeau's defense, "dust" and "powder" have known properties of being extremely deadly; have we forgotten about anthrax and cocaine? What about gunpowder? Who knows what the mystically damaging properties of "voodoo dust" are? Sneezing, eye discomfort and a bad taste in your mouth are just some of the possible horrors that he could've faced.

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