Top 7 Fast Foods with Cult Followings Foods
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Top 7 Fast Foods with Cult Followings

It's McRib season, ladies and gentlemen. While some people are suspicious that McRib's limited availability is a mixed conspiracy of exploiting low pork prices and creating artificial demand by limiting supply, others keep their mouths shut and only open it to eat as many glorious BBQ sandwiches as humanly possible.  In honor of this week's return of the McRib, here's a list of the 7 fast foods with the largest, most rabid, dedicated and seemingly inexplicable cult followings.

These followings pine for these foods and franchises in the same way all of America pines for those special three words every single year: "McRib is Back." These foods are especially popular with stoners.

What are the best fast foods with cult followings? You may be surprised to learn of some the foods on this list, yet you really shouldn't be knowing the diehard fans that these restaurants have.