Top 7 Manliest Swordfights in Film History Anything
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Top 7 Manliest Swordfights in Film History

Scenes of swordplay have been entertaining filmgoers since long before the days of the nickelodeon. Old sword fighting movies were bloodless dance routines and could hardly be described as "fights." They were the martial equivalent of sitcom couples in separate beds. The best swordfighting movies only began to emerge in the past three decades as audiences craved more violence. 

As movie audiences grew more sophisticated, they craved more from their fight sequences. They needed to see the brutal reality of mortal combat, and movies with swords were just one way Hollywood satisfied this need. This sword fighting movies list promises to point you in the direction of such films - good sword fighting movies that depict skill, violence, and real action.. 

Real swordfights are bloody and vicious and, more often than not, fatal for one or more participants. Here are the roughest, toughest, bloodiest - in short, the manliest - swordfights ever committed to film. What are the best sword fight movies? Vote for your favorites and share with your friends. 

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    Considering it spawned 4 sequels, 141 television episodes, and a cartoon, Highlander is probably responsible for more filmed swordfights than any other franchise in history. But when it comes to the original, there can be only one.

    Highlander introduces the concept of immortals. They live among us and are just like humans in every way, except that they cannot be killed by any means save one: decapitation. And instead of living wonderfully long, peaceful lives, these immortals are inexplicably drawn to duel each other with swords.

    Connor MacLeod runs an antique store in 1980s Manhattan, but before that he was born in the highlands of 16th century Scotland. It is here that he is stabbed by a monstrous barbarian known only as The Kurgan, only to miraculously recover later. Ramirez, a fellow immortal, finds and mentors the nascent warrior in the way of the sword. One night, when MacLeod is out, The Kurgan returns.





    The Kurgan

    The originality of the ensuing fight is remarkable in its simplicity: the two combatants can wound each other as grievously as one can imagine and, so as long as both heads remain attached, the fight can continue. The two men fight so hard, they bring down half of MacLeod's home with them.

    Round one goes to Ramirez as he cuts The Kurgan's throat and runs him through with the business end of Japanese steel. But the more powerful Kurgan knows the rules. He grabs hold of Ramirez's sword while it's still in his gut and beheads the Scottish Egyptian.


    Impalings: 2
    Buildings Destroyed: 1
    Death Blow: decapitation

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