Top 7 Most Brutal Parade Float Accidents Anything
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Top 7 Most Brutal Parade Float Accidents

Mardi Gras is that time of year where drunken people and crazy floats crowd the streets. It's a mosh pit of colors, dance and revelry and, sometimes, fatal accidents. Here are craziest, most brutal parade float accidents that has ever taken place, from a driver who runs over his own brother to a power line falling and electrocuting dozens of people. To everybody out there ready to have a good time, stay away from the big odd-shaped things coming down the streets. They are not your friend.
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    Boy Tries to Catch Candy, Gets Run Over

    Everybody knows that what people really want from a parade is candy. Lots of it. That's why in 2010, a boy working a float in the Fourth of July parade was helping to pass out candy to the crowd. How he was doing this, however, cost him his life.

    Since the Molalla Buckeroo Parade has a policy of only handing out candy from buckets rather than throwing them from the floats, the 12-year-old boy was trying to catch candy from the moving float to distribute to the crowd. Which begs the question, "How is that any more safe?"

    Well, apparently, not safe at all. While catching candy, i.e. risking his life for his cavity-prone people, the boy's foot got caught in the first wheel of the trailer float. Then, the rest of his entire body got caught so to speak. The kid got run over.

    Afterwards, the boy was conscious and alert but suffered from a broken leg. He also complained of pain in his lower abdomen.

    He better have kept all the candy that day.


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