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Top 7 New Build's from Across the Globe

Newly built houses are all the rage these days. Hardly surprising when you consider that UK house prices are so through the roof buyers are struggling to get a mortgage. Not only that, but modern design concepts and homes powered by renewable energy is causing people to re-evaluate their living standards. Would you live in a new-build like this?
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    British Columbia, Canada More
    Imagine waking up to a sunset peering above the peak of the mountain and shimmering across a ... more
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    Japan More
    There´s a distinct lack of building space in Japan, but that does not bother the home ... more
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    United Arab Emirates More
    Dubai is the world´s leading city of upscale development and with over 30,000 ...
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    Costa Brava

    If you are wondering what to invest your retirement money in, look no further than the ...
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    Europe More
    Built into the hillside with awe-inspiring views of dramatic panoramic mountainscapes you will ... more
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    Île-de-France, France More
    Fashionable Paris is not the city you would expect to find a new-built home that resembles ... more
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    Missouri, United States of America More
    With the World´s political leaders pushing for renewable energy homes to replace fossil ... more

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