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Top 7 New Build's from Across the Globe

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Newly built houses are all the rage these days. Hardly surprising when you consider that UK house prices are so through the roof buyers are struggling to get a mortgage. Not only that, but modern design concepts and homes powered by renewable energy is causing people to re-evaluate their living standards. Would you live in a new-build like this?
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    Canada, North America, Americas More
    Imagine waking up to a sunset peering above the peak of the mountain and shimmering across a ... more
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    Eurasia, East Asia, Asia More
    There´s a distinct lack of building space in Japan, but that does not bother the home ... more
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    Arabian Peninsula, Middle East, Eurasia More
    Dubai is the world´s leading city of upscale development and with over 30,000 ...
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    Costa Brava

    If you are wondering what to invest your retirement money in, look no further than the ...
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    Europe, Western Europe More
    Built into the hillside with awe-inspiring views of dramatic panoramic mountainscapes you will ... more
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    France More
    Fashionable Paris is not the city you would expect to find a new-built home that resembles ... more
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    Contiguous United States, United States of America, United States, with ... More
    With the World´s political leaders pushing for renewable energy homes to replace fossil ... more

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