The Top 7 Police Officers Caught Having Sex Anything
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The Top 7 Police Officers Caught Having Sex

Police Officers are supposed to protect and serve while on duty, but these cops were all about getting booty (I'm so sorry for that joke, but you deserved it. You. Deserved. It). These seven police officers were busted having police sex (the greatest kind of sex), while on duty, and some of them on company property. Here are the top seven cops caught having sex on duty stories that made the news in recent memory, because there's nothing more gratifying than when cops make mistakes. Especially sexy ones. (Police sex videos and links to the cop sex videos included when available).

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    Police Officer Caught Having Sex On The Hood Of His Car

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    Talk about a strip search, this cop went for the full body cavity search on this motorist. A surveillance photo shows a cop in full uniform giving it to a girl on the hood of his car. The best part, you can clearly see a stray dog watching the whole thing go down. That's right, there was a witness.

    After the story became a national senstation the New Mexico police department launched an investigation on why exactly some chick would want to get slammed on top of a cop car (upcoming investigations include other common sense givens such as why there's so much porn on the internet).

    It appears the police officer in question had not been on patrol for weeks, which would explain why it's not a patrol car that he's having sex on but a simple state sedan. The Santa Fe sheriff Robert Garcia said he would not press criminal charges because the incident occurred "in the middle of nowhere" where there are apparently no rules in New Mexico. Take note, drug lords!

    The officer was awarded police officer of the year in the past and had previously served on former governor Bill Richardson's security detail. And now you can insert a joke here about how he was providing that fine young lady with his very own brand of "security detail". Thank you for doing that for me, we spend a lot of time on this around here. Moving on...


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