The Top 7 Police Officers Caught Having Sex Anything
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The Top 7 Police Officers Caught Having Sex

Police Officers are supposed to protect and serve while on duty, but these cops were all about getting booty (I'm so sorry for that joke, but you deserved it. You. Deserved. It). These seven police officers were busted having police sex (the greatest kind of sex), while on duty, and some of them on company property. Here are the top seven cops caught having sex on duty stories that made the news in recent memory, because there's nothing more gratifying than when cops make mistakes. Especially sexy ones. (Police sex videos and links to the cop sex videos included when available).
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    Indonesia Police Officer Needs Police Protection After Being Caught Having Sex On Duty

    An Indonesian Police Officer was caught having sex with a married woman while on duty in a very religious section of the country, which if it were in America, would really be the most interesting part of the whole story. This is usually where it ends in America. But this was Indonesia. And it was a very religious part of the country.

    Like anyone would naturally assume is fair, then, the residents of the village then paraded him through the village as they banged cans together to alert others to the adulterous affair, humiliating him and shaming his name. And just when it seemed that the man would be beaten to death by the residents, his co-workers came to the rescue.

    Officers were then also posted outside the home of the woman, Heni Herawati, to prevent it from being destroyed over the adultery committed on their street (evil spirits and all that).

    The pair were taken to Mojokerto Police headquarters where the authorities did what any other authorities would do (at a high school), they told the police officer's mother what he had done. The mother burst into tears and then apologized to the public on her son's behalf.

    I can't even... I just... wow.


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    Memphis Police Officer Caught On Tape Having Sex

    Cop Caught Having Sex in Squad Car:

    A Memphis Police Officer picked up a girl to have sex in his squad car like a boss, so what could possibly go wrong? Well, anyone who's ever watched a cop show (a.k.a. all of you if you had the kind of grandparents I grew up with) knows that those cars are wired for sound and video, ready to capture any foul play or criminal activities of any kind. This officer completely forgot that fact.

    While doing the deed he also had his microphone on, so every sound was transmitted over the police scanners, which means that for a few golden minutes, a police car actually made a sound that didn't make everyone within ear shot want to kill themselves. Probably.


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